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Shane Dawson’s Tea Session with YouTube’s CEO Will be Interesting

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Shane Dawson is one of the pioneers who rose to fame by posting videos on YouTube. Dawson has over 20 million subscribers on his official YouTube Channel when he started off with comic videos. With the passage of time, Dawson has changed the genre and moved to make docuseries wiping out the digital flavor. His docuseries have attracted millions of views. Yet, he is still unhappy with this video-sharing website.

A week ago, Dawson took the matter to Twitter and highlighted his irritation on YouTube’s Trending Tab. Apparently, the real-time ranking of top trending videos has to be updated after every 15 minutes.

Shane Dawson Fixing YouTube!

After his tweet, Dawson fans want him to fix the issue and take over YouTube by replacing it’s current CEO, Susan Wojcicki. Since many fans were demanding him to be the new CEO; Dawson confirmed that he is not after the CEO’s gig however he will like to discuss the trending tab issue with the CEO over a tea session.

i’m not trying to come for @SusanWojcicki’s gig! but if she ever wants to have a tea session about stuff like this I’m always down.

That’s not all. Unexpectedly, Susan Wojcicki has accepted the tea session offered by Shane Dawson and even dropped a hint of her availability next month.

We are not sure whether the trending tab will start working like it is supposed to when these two brilliant minds are done with the tea & snacks. However, we do appreciate the fact that YouTube’s CEO shows a keen interest in the creator community.  The CEO has no issue with having tea sessions with the world-famous YouTuber to know what improvements could be made.

YouTube’s Problem of Trending Tab

If you watch YouTube videos regularly, you might have encountered this problem yourself. The most popular and most viewed videos are often nowhere to be found on YouTube’s trending page. Allegedly, YouTube has stated that it takes into account a range of different factors when selecting video suggestions on the Trending page. It’s not just the most number of views. It’s the rate of view count growth, source of views and how old the video is. Moreover, YouTube aims to feature videos on the Trending page that are generally appealing to a diverse range of viewers.

Though, we are glad that someone as famous and loved in the YouTube community as Shane Dawson was invited by the company’s CEO to discuss the matter. We’re hoping it would lead to some improvements in the algorithms.

Other famous YouTubers such as Jeffree Star are fully supportive of this! He even offered to do Susan’s makeup for the tea session.

What’s Shane Dawson Up To Recently?

After his famous docuseries with Jake Paul and Jeffree Star gained a lot of popularity, he released his conspiracy series that tackled important issues such as unethical practices of companies like Apple.

His next adventures will include another collaboration with Jeffree Star where they will launch Shane’s new make-up line. And it seems like Shane is well on his way to becoming a make-up guru.

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