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Rick and Morty | Suitable For High IQ People?

Rick and Morty | Suitable For High IQ People?

People really like to believe that they are smart. Some are even snobby about it and they cannot seem to understand when to keep their mouth shut. The sole purpose of their life is to outsmart the other people, whether it’s their family members, colleagues, friend or rivals. (If you are reading this and nodding your head, you are one of them). In fact, when they cannot come up with something unique or creative, they start to discuss the trending shows to classify themselves as “the trendy High-IQ” people. Everyone did it when BBC released the Sherlock TV series starring Benedict Cumberbatch. And now, the same is being done by Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty and Final Space viewers.

Let’s agree on something, Disenchantment fans do it too. If you are wondering what exactly are they doing, well, they are telling people these shows are only understandable by people with a High IQ. Thing is, it does seem logical.

Rick and Morty | The creators keep outsmarting fans and the fans love it

Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith are not your typical grandfather-grandson. Because not every grandfather acts like Rick Sanchez and not every grandson treats his grandfather as a BFF. Morty really does that in his own, twisted way. We cannot really blame him, if we were related to Rick we would be doing the same s***.

We are seeing the concept of the multiverse in almost every other TV show or movie. Take The Flash, for example, I quit it cold-turkey as the multiverse representation was getting on my nerves and the Flash was still stuck at one place, having a crush on his love: Iris. (just a personal opinion, no harsh feelings buddy, I started watching Rick and Morty). Okay back to Grandpa Rick, when it comes to the smartest man in the multiverse, of course, it is him, the great Rick Sanchez.

Rick and Morty Creators

The creators surprise Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty viewers every single time. They come up with the smartest versions of Rick and it gets hard to decide which Rick was smarter. Like, you cannot simply call one version of Rick the smartest without coming up with receipts to prove that. And if you succeed in doing that, you really are smart. *High five*

Why do some people think Rick and Morty is for stupid people?

If you have not faced such people in your life, then you owe me a drink. Some people do not like Rick and Morty because they claim the show is for stupid or childish people. They say the science references and “facts” shown in the show do not really make any sense. Well, Rick and Morty are supposed to make you laugh, not make any sense. (that’s a whole debate, we’ll get into that separately). If you want a whole bunch of science references IRL, with humor, then you can watch The Big Bang Theory.

Are other shows lacking something?

It is not like the other shows are not creative, or smart, or lacking something, or not presented by Adult Swim. They are just targeting the different audience segments. (Ask a marketer, they can define the audience segments, or just google it., stop being lazy) The comics, the superheroes, everything shows how strongly built characters can punch their rivals in the face. (Or other parts of the body that cannot be named here).  We, the viewers, can see stronger people beating strong people and ruling them, or killing them. That is a simple rule, you do not have to be a genius to understand this fact. Even smart people from action movies and TV shows end up punching someone at the end. It is all about physical fights bruh.

And then, there is Rick Sanchez. He has no attachments, apart from keeping Morty as his side-kick. Rick can teleport from one universe to the next and have some adventures while keeping us entertained. The true Rick and Morty fans even claim that if someone does not like the show, then they were simply unable to decipher the intellectual concepts of the show. Well, we are not going to argue on that because then the internet will be divided into two teams and it will start a global war. The only global war we need to focus on is the war against the climate crisis. Fight for it or just sit back and enjoy Rick & Morty season 4, or whatever show you are watching.