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Watch Rick and Morty Crossover With Death Stranding!

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Who would have thought that you would get to watch Rick and Morty and upcoming action-adventure game Death Stranding in a single video? That is right! Adult Swim and Kojima collaborated to promote the release of Death Stranding on PS4, a game that stars Norman Reedus.

If you want to experience the game in any other way then there is a Japanese novelization of it coming soon. This would be a two-part novel and would release on November 28. Moreover, there is also going to be a SteelBook version that would feature some crisp artwork.

Watch Rick and Morty and Death Stranding Crossover

Adult swim released a hilarious short ad to promote Kojima’s Death Stranding game which is just days away from release. Releasing on November 8, Death Stranding got a trailer that lasted for 8 mins.

Here is the ad:

In the ad, we can see Rick and Morty wandering through some sort of a ghost wasteland. Poor Morty gets to carry all the weight and is wearing Norman Reedus’ iconic suit in the game. As usual, Rick is bossing the way, not knowing where the duo is going. Morty is also carrying the baby from the trailer, which they duo decides to eat in order to get some buffs. Not a bad idea, 10/10 gamers would recommend!

It should not have come to us a surprise now that we come to think of it. Creator of Adult Swim TV show, Justin Roiland is also a gamer and game developer. For those who have played “Trover Saves the Universe”, know that you have played his creation. Can it be speculated that perhaps Adult Swim and Kojima are helping each other out with this promotion ad? We think so because Rick and Morty’s Season 4 is also starting this coming Sunday, just two days after the release of Death Stranding.

Here is the 8 min trailer of Norman Reedus’s Death Stranding:

Whatever the truth is, the countdown has begun for both things. Death Stranding is already being considered as one of the top tier games by Trusted Reviews.

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