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Popular Video Game 'Cuphead' Emerging As The 'Cuphead Show' On Netflix

Popular Video Game ‘Cuphead’ Emerging As The ‘Cuphead Show’ On Netflix

The globally popular video game Cuphead is now reincarnating at Netflix as its new animated series The Cuphead Show! The Cuphead show will showcase the familiar characters and settings from the game.

The Cuphead Show On Netflix

The leading character is the hero Cuphead with the second lead Mugman, his brother. They, in fact, built a deal with the devil in a challenging gamble.

The character-based animated comedy will highlight the catastrophe faced by Cuphead and his easily targeted brother Mugman. Though unlimited mishaps occur at their place, Inkwell Isles, they overcome the troubles with each other’s support.

Netflix has teased about the Cuphead show in its recent tweet.

The show creators/brothers, Chad and Jared Moldenhauer are the executive producers for Studio MDHR.  Netflix Animation will produce the series and  Mickey Mouse Shorts fame Dave Wasson will serve as the Executive Producer.

King Features Debut Long-Form Production,’The Cuphead Show’

The Cuphead show becomes the first long-form animated series production for King Features. The globally popular distributor of comics,  puzzles and games has, previously,  announced their interest to develop character franchises across television, digital video, licensing and social media. Hence, the dream comes true as Cuphead is available on nearly every platform including  Nintendo Switch, X box, Win 10, Steam, GOG, and Mac.and now it is hitting the small screen.

The streaming service has yet not set a time-frame for the release of The Cuphead Show. The budding series, however, has a reserved Web for its display.

Other Animations At Netflix

Netflix, in fact, has earlier announced different live-action series for its platform. These include a show based on The Witcher, an adaptation of Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones and a film and television universe based on the popular computer game Myst in the works at Village Roadshow.

Cuphead, The Game

Primarily, indie game studio Studio MDHR, launched Cuphead, the game series in 2017. The game became highly popular and received huge acclamation. It also exploited the hand-drawn sketches from the renown 1930’s  Fleischer cartoons.

As a matter of fact, the game is not just a contending play, it includes hard-won challenges to face. The game brought hot cash for the developers as up till now over 4 million copies were sold. Moreover, it was titled as the best independent game at the 2017 Game Awards as well as the BAFTA Games award for its enchanting melody.

The Moldenhauers put all their efforts to breathe life in their idea of developing the game.

Chad told GamesRadar back in 2017.“We realized that there were a lot of people out there that wanted what we were doing. My brother and I quit our jobs, remortgaged our houses, and began expanding the team”.