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Cole Sprouse Went Undercover On The Internet And Responded To Real Comments

Cole Sprouse reportedly went undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from Twitter, Reddit, Quora and YouTube etc.

The Young actor, yesterday,shared the news on his Instagram account

Cole Spouse Follows The Trend Of Social Media Pitching

Entertainment gossips, in fact, has become the Chalice of opportunity for the Social Media market. As a matter of fact, Marketing strategies have many faces. Both celebrities and entrepreneurs are exploiting stardom on Social Media platforms to gain business. This new trend perhaps gives rise to novel social media stunts.

 Cole Sprouse Goes Undercover on  YouTube

Popular quarterly fashion Magazine GQ has recently published an episode of “Actually Me on YouTube, featuring Cole spouse in an atypical style.

The teen throb, Jughead Jones, from Riverdale has recently shared his Instagram post of getting undercover on the Electronic -world.

Yes, the handsome Cody from Disney’s teen sitcom Zack and Cody was on the Q-T to respond to social media comments. Yesterday, Cole Sprouse posted that he has replied his fan’s queries on miscellaneous social media accounts including Twitter, Reddit, Quora, YouTube, etc.

He, in fact, remained undercover while posting these replies and have answered his fans differently. For example, the celebrity turns witty while replying to the question, why he kept bread in his pocket? Cole thus replied this query again in a question asking his fan why he doesn’t carry bread in his pocket.

Cole Spouse Talked To GQ

According to a GQ post, the young Cody Martin has all the guts to enthrall social media public. Though the internet publicity was not prevailing high when Cole Sprouse gained popularity, yet Instagram played a major role in fueling up his stardom. Now, the actor knows well how to hook up more and more social media followers.

The Italian born actor is now dexterous enough to get mileage out of social media merchandise. Cole knows how to shoot selfies for his 22 million followers. Moreover, he’s also weirdly attracting his fans via his droll posts. Like once he tweeted that he’s “just a daddy long legs looking for mommy wide thighs”

The Master of Disguise reportedly manages a second Instagram account dedicated to capturing fans trying to sneak photos of him.

Cole And Dylan Sprouse

Regarding a question about his good looks, the actor turned chaste. He explained that he has a very ordinary look. Furthermore, he insisted that nobody can overpraise his beauty as he has got an identical twin Dylan Sprouse to compare with.

The actor further mentioned the similarities and differences between him and Dylan. To him, both siblings have a similar surname as well as voices. While they both are pretty different as Cole thought he is more muscular than Dylan.

It was a long talk on the YouTube video where Cole Sprouse responded to every social media follower in a pragmatic tone. The actor however himself has a firm view of internet exploitation. He commented in the GQ interview.

“I think social media and the Internet reward extremes, I’m a firm believer that a lot of that experimentation should be done in private. Ultimate privacy.”