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Oscars 2020 | Predictions for Best Supporting Actress

It’s all going to come to an end soon—and so we face our final bout of Oscar predictions 2020. On Sunday, February 9, the Academy Award season will draw to a close, announcing a new round of winners. While many of those victors seem preordained—it would take an act of God for the four acting categories to deviate from conventional wisdom—there is still room for a few surprises, particularly when it comes to the night’s top category. However, the best-supporting actress category has only one name written on it and we all know whose name it is.

Our Prediction: Laura Dern

We’re not even going to mention the other nominees because seriously who else in the category would get the award! Just like Brad Pitt, Laura has had a streak of wins in best-supporting actress all throughout the award season. And we’re sure she won’t be breaking that streak with the Oscars.

Dern has a clear path to victory here. The only supporting-actress contender who had earned a comparable amount of buzz was the “Hustlers” star, Jennifer Lopez. Sadly, she didn’t even make the list of five nominees. For voters who enjoyed “Marriage Story,” a vote for Dern ensures the movie won’t go home empty-handed and sadly that’s the only award the movie would end up getting. Also, the 52-year-old actress is an enormously well-liked figure enjoying the sort of career resurgence that Oscar is always eager to reward.

The Only Competition

The other nominations include Kathy Bates, Scarlett Johansson, Margot Robbie, and Florence Pugh. The only other actress who could win the award other than Laura Dern is Florence. Pugh had a great year. The young actress already proved her talents through extraordinary performance in 2017’s Lady Macbeth, but it was her three strong performances in Fighting with My FamilyMidsommar, and Greta Gerwig’s Little Women that showcased the powerhouse potential of this exceptional young talent. While she’s set to become an even bigger name through her upcoming performance in Marvel’s Black Widow, the actress received her first Oscar nomination for the aforementioned Little Women.