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Kylie Skin Vending Machine Launched!

Okay, Kylie Cosmetics fans, we have good news for you. Kylie Jenner has made sure that her amazing cosmetics and skincare line is up for grabs while you’re on the go. And what way better to do that than launching a vending machine? This time it’s for Kylie Skin! We’re so excited. And we know if you’re a makeup junkie, then so are you. Keep reading to find out all you need to know.

Kylie Cosmetics Launches Another Vending Machine

Before this, Kylie Cosmetics launched its first vending machine in Las Vegas at the McCarren International Airport. With its rows of lip kits, glosses, and eye-shadow palettes, it’s a treat to look at.

The automated machines make cosmetics shopping easy and fast. It also makes the products so much more accessible.

And it’s the perfect way to buy an instant gift for your bestie while on the go!

All-new vending machine by Kylie Skin

After the success of Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner introduced a whole line of cruelty-free, vegan skincare products. This includes her hydrating lip mask, hydrating face mask, coconut body scrub, vitamin C serum, walnut face scrub, eye cream, face moisturizer, vanilla milk toner, foaming face wash and lots more. Her collection is literally the right buy for #skingoals.

So now, an additional vending machine is launched that features all of Kylie Skin products. Whereas the Kylie Cosmetics vending machine is all black in color, this one is a beautiful baby pink color. And a gorgeous picture of Kylie on the side, showing her glowing skin.

Where is it located?

You must be wondering where this new vending machine is located. Well, it’s located right next to the first one. In Las Vegas MacCarren airport. We hope they get installed in new locations too so everyone can access it. And we can trust Kylie Jenner to do that.

Till then, happy shopping Kylie Skin when you get the chance to be at this airport. We love Kylie for these amazing new ideas and ventures!