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Norman Reedus Loves Stranger Things: Can He Star in Season 4 Please?

Norman Reedus Loves Stranger Things: Can He Star in Season 4 Please

Norman Reedus, the beloved star of The Walking Dead is just like us. He’s just as much a fan of Stranger Things like us or perhaps even more. The star is always gushing about the cast on his twitter and we’re speculating that he might make an appearance in season 4. We don’t know about you but we’re here for an eleven versus zombies crossover.

Norman Reedus Loves The Stranger Things Cast

The Walking Dead star loves the Stranger Things cast and he’s making sure we know it. His twitter account is full of praises for the cast and show. And if he we didn’t know any better we’d think his account was a Stranger Things fanpage.

Below are some of the tweets by Norman Reedus as he gushes about the adorable cast.

And this adorable picture is just too much for our hearts.

It’s this picture that has us hoping that Norman Reedus would be part of the Stranger Things season 4 cast. If that happens, we’ll be utterly grateful and we promise Netflix to never curse at you when you fail to renew a show.

The Walking Dead Season 10

The show in which Norman Reedus is a cast member, The Walking Dead has had a full of 9 seasons. The 10th season is just around the corner. The trailer for the 10th season is not out yet but we have some details on what it will be about. It is being said that the coming season will focus on paranoia and PTSD. The teaser images for the season are already out and you can catch them here. 

All seasons of the show have aired in October. So, we’re placing our best on October this year too. Hang in there, October’s only 2 months away now.