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Erika Costell & Amanda Steele Walk a Ramp Together

Erika Costell and Amanda Steele have walked a fashion show ramp together and while that may or may not have been Victoria Secret, it's still big.

Popular YouTubers Erika Costell and Amanda Steele might be on the path to making their dreams come true. The pair has walked a fashion show ramp together. But even if it is not confirmed whether that was for Victoria Secret or not, it’s still a great step. Erika has previously modeled for the brand, and even attended one of their shows as a special guest. As for Amanda, the 16 year old YouTube star, becoming a Victoria Secret angel is her dream as a model. But will this fashion show help her in achieving it?

Erika Costell and Amanda Steele Rock Green Bikinis In Latest Ramp Walk

Erika took to Instagram to share a clip of herself walking the fashion show ramp with Amanda Steele. Both YouTubers sported similar green bikinis and showed off their perfect curves to the audience. While she did not reveal any details in the caption, it is unclear whether the two were modeling for Victoria Secret or not.

Amanda Steele also shared another clip of herself wearing a different bikini on the same ramp. Alongside it, she shared that this was her first ever fashion show walk. She had been preparing it ever since she was a little girl.

While Erika Costell has previously enjoyed the privilege of being a Victoria Secret model, it has always been a dream for Amanda Steele. When asked, the 16 year old YouTuber shared that,

It’s probably everyone’s dream, but my life would be made if I was to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel—that I definitely cannot do through YouTube alone. Other than that, I would love to do anything with Dior or Chanel.

Even if this one was not for Victoria Secret, we can be sure that the company will want Erika back again. As for Amanda, let’s hope she gets a chance too!