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Is a Wengie × BTS Collab On The Way?

We’re always up for celebrities collaborating and when it’s our favorite YouTuber/singer and boy band, we’re more than ready. YouTuber Wengie in her latest interview with Hollywood Life got candid and talked about her music and a possible collab with BTS.

Wengie On Her Career, Music and Powerpuff Girls

Most Fans know Wengie for her YouTube channel and songs but not many know that she is a voice actor too. The YouTuber was a voice actor on a very popular kids cartoon show and you’d surprised how you didn’t notice before. Wengie voiced Bliss in Powerpuff Girls. She talks about what kind of a character Bliss is and how Cartoon Network approached her.

The YouTuber also talked about working with the same production team as Twice’s Yes or Yes. She talked about how it was a dream come true to work with the same people who’ve worked with her favorite kpop group. Talking about Kpop, Wengie also mentioned that she has a huge crush on BTS and wants to collab with them. BTS if you’re reading this, though we doubt that but a fangirl can dream, COLLAB WITH WENGIE!!


The song that Wengie worked on with Twice’s Yes or Yes team is Talk Talk. It’s out already and you can catch it below. The video is quirky and if you loved Yes or yes, Talk Talk would be right up your alley too!

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