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Noah Reid Releases His First Track: Honesty

Noah Reid’s second album

Fans all over the world are excited about his album which will release on his 33rd birthday, May 29, 2020. The entire album is available for pre-order. Judging by the new song, the album will be a hit and a gift. Especially for the Schitt’s Creek fans, who will devour anything sent their way in the name of Noah Reid. He informed his fans of the official release date of the album on Instagram.

Additionally, he gave a statement about his beautiful song, which shows this song has a special place in his heart:

 The moment when things just seem to click and you feel a kind of energy you didn’t think existed, and all you want to do is give that person all of your time. Suddenly things feel possible again, you know you belong somewhere and with someone.

Attend his tours if you are a fan

For all the true fans out there, we have news if you already didn’t know. Noah Reid is going to perform his music on tour and what better way to enjoy the music is there? The tickets to his tour sold out very quickly. But worry not, as he gladly told his fans that there will be ten more performances in addition to the original tour schedule.