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Martin Scorsese Gets Standing Ovation at Oscars 2020

Martin Scorsese receives a standing ovation but did not win any awards this year after being nominated for best director and best film.

Oscars made history this year and Martin Scorsese pockets a standing ovation. Mr. Scorsese bagged two nominations for his mob drama The Irishman. His nominations included Best Picture and Best Director for the same movie.

Back in 2007, Martin Scorsese finally won Best Director at the seventy-ninth Academy Awards ceremony.

Parasite is the first non-English movie to have won the Best Picture in ninety-two-year history. Bong Joon Ho’s masterpiece took Oscar 2020 by storm. Because the movie secured the top four Oscars this Sunday night. The categories included Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best International film. So, Parasite also becomes the first film from South Korea to secure a nomination for International Feature Film.

I thought I was done for the day,

Joked Bong Joon Ho through his translator Sharon Choi.

The standing ovation

Bong Joon Ho walked up to the stage to accept his second Oscar. He took this quote from his fellow nominee, Martin Scorsese in his monologue. The consequence of this heartfelt comment was a standing ovation by the audience for The Irishman director. Since 2010, nine out of ten winners for the best director have not been American. Bong becomes the first South Korean to win an Academy for Best Director. And, Parasite becomes the first Korean movie to win the Best International Film award.

Unfortunately, Netflix’s $160 million Martin Scorsese-directed drama The Irishman did not win any of the ten awards it got nominated for. Nonetheless, Martin Scorsese did get a few shout outs from the crowd and the guests. Chris Rock and Steve Martin both mentioned the film and its director in their speech. And the most heartwarming moment was witnessing the whole Dolby Theater standing up to give Martin Scorsese a standing ovation. This was after Bong Joon Ho spoke about how Martin has been an inspiration as a filmmaker.