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Nikkietutorials shades Ellen DeGeneres for not being nice

Nikkietutorials, original name Nikkie de Jager, is famous for her makeup tutorials as well as collaborations. She came out as a transgender in January 2020 when some people threatened her to expose the truth. She is not someone who can be threatened or scared easily. That’s why Nikkie took the matter in her hand and revealed the truth herself. The whole world accepted her and their reaction to the news was really heart-touching. The same news also landed her on the Ellen DeGeneres show. What seemed to be a good experience for her, was not really that good. She recently opened up about her experience of meeting Ellen. And boy, the timings are really something.

Nikkietutorials & Ellen DeGeneres

Just a week ago, a comedian Kevin T. Porter tweeted that he will donate money if people share their notorious and mean stories about her. And their were many, so many that it was hard to tell which one is real and which one is not.

And now a Nikkietutorials interview has come to surface. Sebastian Williams, a popular YouTuber, has recently uploaded a video titled nikkietutorials drags Ellen Degeneres. In the video, he shares how Nikkie turned down many interviews after coming out. But she took the flight from the Netherlands to appear on Ellen’s show.

After that, she appeared on a Dutch show in which she was going to announce her hosting the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. (Which is now moved to next year). Since the interview was in Dutch, Sebastian added English subtitles.

When Nikkie was asked how it was like to be on Ellen show, she said:

[translated]: let’s just say there is a huge difference between this show and Ellen DeGeneres. And I’m saying that in favor of this show.

The host wanted to know more after this statement. So, Nikkie shared that he said hi before the show. Whereas; Ellen did not even say Hi to her before starting her show. When the host asked Nikkie if Ellen was more cold and distant, she said: ‘Just a little’.

However, Nikkietutorials is thankful for the honor to share the stage with Ellen.

But it wasn’t as nice as I thought.

Do you think Ellen is really a not-nice person? Let us know in the comments below.