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Jane Fonda Is Taking Her Fire Drill Friday Strikes Online

Climate change is a pressing issue, but Jane Fonda isn’t up for risking lives for her political rallies. The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed for social distancing. Hence, it is not possible for environmental activists to pervade the roads and build pressure on the government. The Grace and Frankie star; however, has come up with a viable solution for the continuation of her Fire Drill Fridays, and that too without marginalizing public health and safety. Fonda has joined hands with Greenpeace to present virtual versions of her environmental rallies. The online campaigns will now fill in for the physical ones in coercing the government to initiate environmental policies.

Jane Fonda To Continue Climate Strikes With Greenpeace Amid The Covid-19 Outbreak Online

Fonda and Greenpeace have taken it upon themselves to push for a Green New Deal. Fonda believes that her insistence on not slowing down her movement, even during the COVID-19 outbreak will reinforce the idea that the climate crisis is just as catastrophic as the pandemic. The pandemic has already pushed America on the brink of a devastating recession. And a transition away from non-renewable energy will further fuel the financial crisis. In this tense climate, drastic steps are required to protect workers and communities.

Fonda is calling upon everyone, the seasoned activists as well as the newbies, to join her cause which is now more accessible.

“Whether you are new to this conversation or are already invested in combating this crisis. — we need you and we hope you will join us,” said Fonda as she announced her varied initiative.

Fire Drill Friday: Webinars Fill In For Rallies

The first event took place last Friday, 26th March 2020. It composed of a webinar by Jane Fonda and Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey. There the two put light on their existing cause, while also conserving about how the coronavirus will affect it. They also addressed public concerns about health and safety, while calling out governmental inaction over both the situations. Grace and Frankie

The next virtual rally will take place on April 3rd, at 11 a.m. PT. The Zoom-based discussion will be accessible via a registration link on the Greenpeace US website. The Fire Drill Friday activity will be youth-themed and will involve several young activists and climate change advocates from across the globe.