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It may be time for a NikkieTutorials and Jeffree Star collab!

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January was a long month. And by long, we mean very long. Too much happened during the 31 days of the month that we are still trying to process some of it. Even the YouTuber community was no exception to the January disaster wave. Two of the most highlighted events there were NikkieTutorials being blackmailed into coming out and Jeffree Star’s break-up with long time boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. So, it may be safe to say that the two had a pretty rough month.

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The Jeffree Star and NikkieTutorials’ possible reunion

The two had a pretty intense fallout in 2018. With Jeffree Star exposing Nikkie De Jager’s collaboration with Too Faced as allegedly unfair, the two called it quits on their friendship during Benefit Cosmetics’ press trip to Necker Island. It was quite the bummer as the two were inseparable before 2017. They were literally almost always together. In 2018, Jeffree dragged Nikkie in a lot of his videos on his channel. Since then, it seemed as if the two were no longer going to be friends. Sadly.

However, we did get to see some glimmer of the golden friendship returning back in 2019.

This happened when NikkieTutorials was accused of copying Jeffree Star’s video. She posted an explanation on her twitter following that.

Where some people were still salty enough to not understand the situation, Jeffree Star came to his former friend’s rescue!

Omg Nikkie and I have both been filming makeup battles for years and have even filmed 5 videos TOGETHER Hundred points symbol  Baby come do my makeup!!

However, there seemed to be no follow up on Jeffree Star’s ‘baby come do my makeup’.  Shane Dawson was all in for Jeffree taking the step to stand behind Nikkie. He even exposed how Too Faced took advantage over NikkieTutorials and that she deserved better.

It was then when Nikkie opened up about the controversy:
I signed my contract with TF back then because I was naive & didn’t know better. at the end of the day, I signed it, it’s my own fault— but what I’ll never forgive is that “allegedly” they changed the palette’s quality behind my back. 1000’s of negative reviews & I was clueless
Moreover, in January, when Nikkie came out, Jeffree was an absolute doll.  He said ‘I’m so proud to call you a friend’.

So… as it seems, they are friends again. We’d love to see a Nikkie and Jeffree collab again soon cause those were AMAZING!

Not to mention in her most recent video, Nikkie thinks that Jeffree Star may have come up with the ‘perfect’ formula.

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