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Nike Using Colin Kaepernick in Their Marketing Campaign was Genius

Nike used Colin Kaepernick for its latest Ad campaign and despite the backlash it received, the strategy seems genius.

Nike just came up with the most genius idea for their new Ad campaign. And by using Colin Kaepernick as the new face, the company has surely surprised people. Despite all the backlash it received, Nike’s new campaign is definitely one of the most talked things lately.

The Story Of Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick is probably never returning as an NFL player again. Under a conspiracy, the owners have agreed to keep him out of the league for good. By the looks of it, his career as a player has been permanently sealed. It does seem like Colin Kaepernick knew what he was inviting and everything he would suffer because of his decision. But the football star still chose to protest against police brutality and racial injustice in America.

Apparently, Colin Kaepernick decided to initiate the movement of people sitting and then kneeling down during the national anthem. He refused to stand up as the national anthem began playing. Not only did he receive major backlash, but NFL decided to kick him out of the league altogether. Even though all the Kaepernick did was exercise his right as an NFL player, the owners are not ready to forgive him. It’s probably seen as a threat to nationalism and patriotism. Now that he is disliked by a vast majority of the audience, the league will definitely not want him bringing negative thoughts to the entire team.

However, even if Colin Kaepernick has not been allowed to play since 2016, his popularity graphs still go better than ever. His jersey was one of the best selling items for Nike in 2017. Kaepernick remains a legitimately bankable figure, and with the new Ad campaign from Nike, it’s probably hard to get him off public attention.

Nike Employs Colin Kaepernick As The New Brand Face

Nike’s latest marketing campaign is undoubtedly one of the most brilliantly engineered advertisement strategies of the world. As controversial as it remains, Nike is still becoming more popular every day and there is nothing that the company is losing with all the public resentment.

For the latest Ad campaign, and it’s Just Do It tagline, Nike presented the face of Colin Kaepernick. Alongside it, the company gave the message of believing in something even if it meant sacrificing everything else. That’s probably why Colin Kaepernick was best suited to deliver this advice. The former NFL player risked his entire career just to peacefully protest against the racial injustice in America. Even when he knew it would cost him a lot, he did it.

According to an expert, Nike basically wanted to strengthen the support of those who are already in favor of them. Even though a small portion of people might respond negatively, for Nike the greater results are more significant. As for the people who are neither bothered nor have an opinion on the whole Colin Kaepernick situation, Nike will continue receiving business from them like before.

The Reaction Of The Public

Nike’s latest Ad campaign is definitely less favored in the public as compared to its previous strategies. As soon as it came out, it caused an uproar in society.People are expressing their rage everywhere on social media. In fact, as a sign of protest, many started burning their Nike shoes and apparel. And then shared videos of it on social media accounts to prove how much they were against it. The resentment specifically came from the extreme nationalists or patriots who were still deeply offended by what Colin Kaepernick did.

Twitter was taken over, by both Nike supporters and Nike haters likewise.

And obviously, in such a situation, it became impossible for President Trump to contain his thoughts about Nike.

As criticism, memes and puns flowed, the hashtag #NikeBoycott got trending on Twitter for a whole lot of time.

Is Nike Even Suffering?

Probably not. At least does not look like they’re at a loss. If anything, it seems like Nike is reaping the benefits of the huge success of it’s latest Ad campaign. This is exactly what was it was aiming for. No matter in what words, people are just not forgetting Nike’s campaign. Isn’t that the definition of good advertisement? Nike probably knew what shots it was hitting, and intended to create this uproar for the brand. It seems like a remarkably manufactured drama that’s making the company stay in the headlines for long. Even bad publicity and public outrage is ensuring that Nike is all what people discuss or hear. People burning the Nike products is doing little to harm the company after all. And then the videos of it circulating social media is just putting the brand back in attention.

It’s not like all the reactions Nike is receiving are negative. Celebrities like Serena Williams are still standing in their support for Nike and Colin Kaepernick.

More and more people who actually understand the bottom line of the latest Ad campaign will extend support to the brand. Not just that, but celebrities who are supporting Nike are bringing their followers to buy more from Nike.

As for the people who are burning their Nike collections in the name of patriotism are probably the ones losing in real. Why burn something for public attention when you could donate your Nike footwear and other accessories to charities or those in need? Probably more and more people need to understand that nationalism and patriotism are not just respecting a flag. But it goes way beyond that. And helping the needy in society is much more noble than burning your Nike goods for attention and protest.