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The Impact Claire Wineland Had On Social Media

YouTube sensation Claire Wineland died on Sunday from cystic fibrosis. But throughout her journey, she shared her struggles online inspiring millions.

Popular YouTube star Claire Wineland died peacefully on Sunday at the age of 21. As she suffered from cystic fibrosis, she made her identity by writing and speaking about it. Not just that, but she became an inspiration for others who suffered from a similar condition.

Who Was Claire Wineland?

Claire Wineland quickly rose to become a social media sensation. And she gained her fame by becoming a cystic fibrosis activist and sharing her journey online to help others who have the same genetic disorder. Claire Wineland was so positive about herself that she even made her disease her sole identity. Her YouTube channel that narrated the tale of her experiences with the disease had more than 250,000 subscribers. But sadly, in 2017, her illness made it impossible for her to continue here. However, she still remained active through Twitter and Instagram.

In 2010, Claire Wineland also initiated her own foundation. She even received several honors during her meaningful but brief time on Earth. Claire won a Teen Choice award in 2015. And also, got listed among the seventeen power teens of 2016 in the Seventeen magazine. Her social media posts made her become a recognizable person everywhere. Even though she suffered from a life-shortening disease, she knew the importance of self-worth. She claimed that life was not just about being happy. Rather, it was about taking pride of who a person is or what are they given.

The Disease And Death Of Claire Wineland

Claire Wineland was suffering from a genetic disorder cystic fibrosis which shortens the life span of the individual. Recently, she had to go through a double lung transplant. Even though there was no apparent problem in her surgery, Claire remained in intensive care for a week. Despite aggressive treatments, she suffered from a stroke caused by a blood clot. It cut off the blood circulation to her mind and she went into a medically-induced coma. However, no treatment or medication made any progress to her deteriorating health. On Sunday, she exited the world peacefully.

Her parents were present with her when Claire Wineland was finally relieved of all the pain by death. According to reports from the hospital staff, her death was the most peaceful one they had even seen. But even though she died, she became an organ donor. And was able to successfully save two other lives. Her right kidney got transplanted into a 44 year old woman while the left one was given to a 55 year old male.

Claire Wineland was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at birth. However, she wished to not receive a lung transplant and her parents had to agree with her decision. But earlier this year, Claire started losing the energy and strength to perform her daily activities. Her health took a drastic turn and she had no choice but to give in for a lung transplant. She was sick enough to get a double lung transplant but strong enough to recover from the surgery. Only less than 3% of people who undergo a transplant like Claire get a stroke. But unfortunately, Claire Wineland was unable to survive.

The Positivity and Impact Left By Claire Wineland

Claire Wineland was literally a symbol of life. Not only was she very positive about it, but she believed in spreading love and happiness. She quickly embraced the staff of the hospitals she attended as family. She would redecorate her hospital rooms to make them look like home. And as for the medical staff, Claire involved herself in activities like playing hide and seek with them. Even when she knew that her time on Earth was limited, she never let it disturb her. In fact, she once told her mother that once a person dies, they become closer to all their loved ones because now they could be a part of everything.

Most of the videos or posts that Claire would share with the world would reflect on her positivism and gratefulness towards life. But in the last video she posted before her transplant, Claire Wineland did not resort to humor or optimism. Rather, she allowed herself to cry as she talked about the bitter prospect of her upcoming surgery. She said she wanted to live but she was worried about the consequences. What if they invested everything into the surgery and still lost her? She needed financial help to help her get through this. Towards the end, Claire asked the viewers to go enjoy their lives and said that they should because there are people fighting everything just to live.

Claire Wineland has talked about death, cystic fibrosis, coma and other medical conditions in a very lighthearted yet explanatory manner. In fact, it’s a way that makes me people suffering from it get a whole new perspective on life. Not only did she raise awareness for the disease, but also became the voice of everyone suffering from terminal illnesses.

The Reaction Of People

Claire Wineland’s death has certainly left everyone is misery and grief. It is extremely hard to accept that someone who impacted so many lives greatly is no longer in the world. And a young girl finally lost her struggles against a disease she battled since birth.

Social media users and celebrities have all paid tributes to Claire Wineland following her demise. People are remembering her for the great person and influence she was.

Claire’s outlook and love for life as well as her acceptance for death will always remain with people here. Even if she is not alive anymore, her story will continue to inspire millions.

RIP Claire Wineland. You truly were a fighter!