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Nicki Minaj’s New Song with Coi Leray “Blick Blick” Music Review

American Rapper & Singer, Nicki Minaj, has been releasing music back and forth. In one month, Minaj released “Bussin”, “Do We Have A Problem” and “Fractions”. Fans can’t get enough of their favorite rap star. Coi Leray, Twinnem singer, has also released a song “Blick Blick” with Nicki, followed by a music video as well. Furthermore, both stars took on their Instagram to discuss the new collaboration and the new female artists.

Music Review

“Blick Blick” has a fun going yet sensual sound. Coi opens her version with repetition of words “Push it, Click Click”. There’s soft music in the background as Leray rolls her first verse. Lyrics have an empowering vibe. Furthermore, a quite confident, flaunting and independent tone can easily be picked from this song. Nicki’s verse has her signature words such as “Barbie”, “Onika”. Further, she has also referenced famous “Joker and Harley” and fans can’t get enough of this line. They are jokingly using Nicki dressed as Harley in their tweets and asking others to stream the song.

The music video for the song “Blick Blick” also represents a fun vibe excellently, as both stars are dressed in colorful clothes. They have big bright guns and they are fighting with guys in a pink place.

Drama surrounding around “Blick Blick”

The roll out of this particular song was not so simple. It rather had some complications and hurdles. First and foremost Leray’s father had an issue with this collaboration. Leray’s father, Benzino, the former owner of “The Source” had a lot of say in his daughter’s career. Coi has not been pleased with it and has also lashed out on Twitter. Recently, Benzino, leaked Coi’s song with Nicki Minaj that angered Nicki and she pulled her verse out. However, Minaj ended up changing her mind because she appreciated Coi’s artistic abilities and respected her.
Nicki Minaj Twitter
Coi Leray Twitter

Coi had tweeted earlier that she is a Black Woman first and foremost and does not want her father’s decisions to affect her brand. Additionally, she said that “its bringing me and him closer”. For now, the song is out for streaming on all platforms.