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Drake Bell Says Josh Peck Hated Drake & Josh

The famous Nickelodeon sitcom “Drake & Josh” made almost everyone’s childhood memorable. It’s always refreshing to see childhood stars linking up when they become adults. However, such has not been the case for Drake Bell and Josh Peck. The stars of “Drake & Josh” have been in a constant feud for a while despite efforts to reconcile. The fight initiated from Josh’s wedding as he did not invite Drake to the special day considering they were not close anymore. Drake took this as a sign of unloyalty and lashed out on Twitter.

Drake vs Josh

Previously, Josh stated in the BFFs podcast with Dave Portnoy & Josh Richards that he wishes his once co-star “well”, however, they are not friends anymore. He went on to explain that Drake Bell had sent him furious texts on his wedding day and made a scene on Twitter. It angered Josh since Drake’s outrage wrecked the special day of his wife. The same year, they met at MTV music video awards where Peck asked Drake to apologize to his wife and Drake apologized to Josh’s wife.

Recently, Drake’s wife Janet took on her Instagram story and called Josh “a liar”. The story is now deleted.

Josh Peck is a piece of sh*t. I stay quite until lies happen…Drake apologized to your wife because you asked him nicely to. We actually hung out after that. Multiple times. We talked multiple times since then. You’re a f*cking liar. A f*cking liar, Josh.

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Drake Bell Claims Josh Peck Hated their Sitcom “Drake & Josh”

Drake and his wife have started their own YouTube podcast called “Drake & Janet”. In episode 1 of their show, the couple addressed the ongoing feud between Drake and Josh. Janet defended her husband multiple times by highlighting that Josh Peck is lying and it made her angry. Moreover, the couple also shed light on Drake’s attitude towards Josh and their famous previous show, “Drake & Josh”. Drake stated:

“I didn’t know he was going home and not being able to watch the show and upset at the way he looked.”

Further, his wife pointed out that she kind of understood why Josh had a hard time.

“Looking back to it, not only he’s the other brother but you are actually doing the music for the show as a teenager that’s pretty major.”

Additionally, she goes on to state:

“You and Josh had completely different memories attach to that time in life…both of you completely resented each other.”

Janet and Drake moved on and said:

“Josh hates Drake & Josh. Its very obvious that he has a very hard time discussing it.”

There was a possible reboot of the show but the couple discussed that Josh wrote the script and it portrayed Drake negatively. Further, they had issues with the location, which was supposed to be in Mexico. They believe, Josh wrote it quite stereotypically.