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New Kpop Group SuperM Donates to Ellen Fund on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

The new group from SM Entertainment, which is home to big groups like EXO, Super Junior and more, has debuted a new group. However, instead of new members, the group consists of members from groups EXO, Shinee, and NCT. The group, SuperM, allegedly the ‘avengers of kpop’, comprises of Kai, Baekhyun, Taemin, Mark, Ten, Lucas, and Taeyong.

SuperM Attends The Ellen Show

The new group attended The Ellen Show. Member Kai taught Ellen how to jop when she asked what their title song jopping meant. Below is the video for this hilarious yet adorable moment. SuperM got candid about their relationship status and to whoever it may concern, all of them are single. So, shoot your shot. Or jop your shot in this case.

They Donate to Ellen Fund

Its usually Ellen giving stuff to her guests but this time around Ellen herself got one. SuperM donated 50K dollars to Ellen Fund.

Everything You Need to Know About SuperM

SuperM is a new group by SM Entertainment and it comprises of members already debuted in other groups. The members include two members from EXO, which is one of the biggest kpop groups ever, one member from the veteran Shinee and four from NCT. Collectively the group has 14 million albums sold, of which 12 Million belong to EXO alone.

The group debuted with their title song Jopping which is just intense dance break. Also a killer rap verse by Mark and a phenomenally high note by Baekhyun. And let’s not forget the powerful dance by Kai and Taemin. You can listen to their title song here.

SuperM is basically SM entertainment’s try to enforce a new kind of genre of kpop to the western world. Which is why most of SuperM’s activities will be concentrated in the USA. The group already has announced a tour of the USA.

EXO Releases a Japanese Single

Though EXO’s comeback seems far away or maybe we wouldn’t even get a comeback, but there’s still content. The first EXO song consisting of only 6 members, Birds is out now. It’s a Japanese single released following their Japan Tour. The fans trended hashtags EXO_Bird and EX0_Flying for the release of the song. Both hashtags trended worldwide on numbers 1 and 2 respectively. If you want to listen to the song, it’s available on Spotify.

Member Chen released his first comeback song, Shall We and you can catch it below.

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