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Jeffree Star Mystery Box for Halloween Releasing on 11th October

The cosmetics brand is releasing its exclusive Jeffree Star Mystery Box for Halloween this October. It is going to arrive on the 11th of October and is going to contain all the spooky makeup you need to create a scary look for yourself. The official Instagram profile for Jeffree Star Cosmetics announced it just a few days ago:

The caption states that it is going to be 3 different boxes. All the boxes will have exclusive items. They stated

HAPPY F🧡CKIN’ HALLOWEEN!! 👻🎃🖤 THIS Friday Oct. 11th our most insane #MysteryBox release ever!!! Buckle in and get ready for THREE different boxes. ALL with an exclusive item or ITEMS inside ⚠️ Mystery Halloween liquid lipsticks, merch and more 💀

Apart from the exclusive items in the mystery box, Jeffree Star cosmetics is also going to be releasing exclusive mirrors and Halloween merch.

ANDDDD we are also releasing TWO exclusive #jeffreestarcosmetics Star mirrors and a limited edition zombie #CantRelate tee!! 🧟‍♂️ What’s on your list??

Will This Mystery Box Get a Better Response than the Last One?

The last Jeffree Star Mystery Box didn’t fare that well because people were disappointed in how it didn’t really have that many exclusive items. Everyone ended up receiving the same version of the mystery box with the same items.

Moreover, some lipsticks included in the mystery box were from the prior year of Jeffree Star cosmetics.

But this is Jeffree Star we’re talking about. He has huge business and as featured in the Shane Dawson series ‘The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star’, we know that he takes everything business-related seriously.

Hopefully, this year’s Halloween mystery box won’t disappoint.

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