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Netflix's Money Heist Renewed for Season 5? The Truth!

Netflix’s Money Heist Renewed for Season 5? The Truth!

Viewers are not ready to bid farewell to their Spanish Original, La Casa De Papel or, Money Heist before a season 5. Part 4 of the mastermind heists by The Professor (Álvaro Morte) left us hanging in excitement, fear, and confusion. Inside the Bank of Spain, the chaos is at rest for a minute. Honestly, I think it will take us the entire year to get over the death of Nairobi (Alba Flores). While Lisbon (Itziar Ituño) is skillfully rescued from the court, we see the Heisters knock out Gandia as they celebrate the return of The Professor’s lover. Meanwhile, we are left in the suspense of what is to come from Alicia Sierra’s (Najwa Nimri) encounter with the Professor. Recently, news has spread that Season 5 of the Money Heist is on the way.

There has been no official announcement for the Money Heist season 5.

Netflix has yet to make a formal announcement for the confirmation. Meanwhile, Álex Pina, the creator of La Casa De Papel, has supposedly hinted at a new season. Deadline claims that the writer says there is a Season 5 for Money Heist but, he cannot say it out loud yet. What?

Season 5 is coming, but Pina could not confirm any further series because “Netflix will put a bomb in my house.”

Wow, that sounds pretty serious. It would be dumb at this point if Netflix decides to cancel the show after all the attention it has gained. The Money Heist season 5 needs to give us answers. We need to know what comes next with Sergio Marquina and Alicia Sierra. Furthermore, how does the heist in the Bank of Spain end? More than that, how long does it last as Royal Mint Heist ended in two seasons. What is to become of the couples on the show? And most importantly, is Alicia Sierra somehow linked to Berlin (Pedro Alonso)’s wife Tatiana?

We are still waiting for Netflix to give us the word to go. All fingers crossed.