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Netflix's The Witcher Meets Lord of the Rings In Fan Video

Netflix’s The Witcher Meets Lord of the Rings In Fan Video

When you watch Netflix’s The Witcher series, has it ever occurred to you how can you elevate it? Well, what about pairing it up with Lord of the Rings? One Reddit user definitely must have thought of this when they made a certain fan video. To think that the awesome Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) would need help from the “precious” possession of Gollum. However, let’s dive into it while the fun lasts.

Netflix’s The Witcher Brings Sauron’s Ring

The Witcher from Netflix makes an impression of Lord of the Rings with its opening scene. As Geralt is taking on a Kikimore in the swamp, he is totally fine in the opening moments of the show. He is battling the monster on his own for a while until he loses his advantage. Fighting the great monster hunter in its own environment, Kikimore pretty much has the home-field advantage over here. The monster quickly gains the upper hand and makes Geralt fall in the swamp and tries to kill him underwater.

Unlucky, Geralt also loses his silver sword in the process. While he is busy warding off all attacks from the beast, he also tries to reach for the sword. Inching his way toward the sword, he slowly grabs *Lord of the Ring music intensifies* SAURON’s RING!

The video is a great mashup of two of the greatest fantasy storylines. Take a look at an opening scene of Netflix’s The Witcher below, wait till the end:

Reddit user “shadowclone515” titled the video: “Be careful of what you find in the swamps…”

Interesting how Geralt stumbles upon the “one ring to rule them all”. Is it possible that Gollum lost the ring again, or is this from a time when even he did not discover it himself?

Netflix’s The Witcher series is out on the streaming platform right now. Starring Henry Cavill as Geralt, season two is most likely coming out in 2021.