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Myka Stauffer's Neighbor Shares What Happened to Her Adopted Son

Myka Stauffer’s Neighbor Shares What Happened to Her Adopted Son

After Myka Stauffer, a YouTuber, rehomed her adopted son, people criticized her. Now her neighbors are revealing the truth behind the rehoming.

A few weeks ago, a parenting YouTuber faced backlash after she and her husband revealed the rehoming of their adopted son. Now Myka Stauffer’s neighbor is revealing the truth.

While her channel has many lifestyle-related videos, the adoption process videos have most views.

Although they have four biological children, Myka Stauffer and her husband decided to adopt. While they could adopt from within the United States, they decided to go all the way to China. Since she started posting the videos about her adoption journey, Myka Stauffer got more followers. After their adopted son, Huxley came to the US, they discovered that he’s autistic and has a brain tumor. Although he featured in many of her videos, many followers noticed that their behavior with the adopted son was different. Many times, she regarded his behavior like tantrums and meltdowns. Instead of consoling him, she kept filming. A few weeks ago, Stauffer and her husband announced that they have rehomed Huxley as they could not provide him the special help he needed. After this announcement, they received a major backlash.

Recently, Myka Stauffer’s neighbor revealed the truth behind their adopted son.

Since the rehoming video was posted, Myka Stauffer has been receiving criticism from people. Many people are outraged by the treatment they gave to their adopted son. In the latest video posted by another YouTuber, Spill, Stauffer’s neighbors reveal the truth. After the adopted son refused to be a part of her videos and filming, Stauffer thought he did not fit in her family. Some also said that the entire adoption was for views and followers. She thought it would be a better opportunity as a vlogger to monetize the entire process. But when Huxley could not deal with the constant filming, they decided to rehome him.

Myka Stauffer, adopted son

After many people lodged a complaint against Myka Stauffer, Delaware County Sheriff’s Office released a statement. It said:

‘This child is not missing. Our primary concern is for the well-being of this child, as well as the other children in the household. Our investigation is ongoing, and will include contact with all children to ensure their safety.’