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Mr. Bean Actor Rowan Atkinson May Play Adolf Hitler in Peaky Blinders

Mr. Bean Actor Rowan Atkinson May Play Adolf Hitler in Peaky Blinders

The iconic Mr. Bean star is rumored to be playing the role of Adolf Hitler in the upcoming season of Peaky Blinders. Season 6 of Netflix hit show Peaky Blinders, is something all fans are waiting for quite eagerly. Several reports are floating on the internet saying that Rowan Atkinson will be seen as Adolf Hitler in Peaky Blinders in the next season. With the rumors of roping in Rowan Atkinson as Adolf Hitler in the upcoming season, it seems that the series might also come to an end with it.

Rowan could prove monumental for the show just as Tom Hardy and if it is true, it is going to be the best thing to happen to the show. With this new addition to the show, it could either shoot up higher than it already has or can sink beneath any other the other shows ever created.

Rowan Atkinson playing Hitler?

The actor’s name had been frequently been mentioned in the series wherever Hitler has come up. However, nothing has been confirmed by the cast and crew of the show. A scene featuring Cillian Murphy also known as the famous Thomas Shelby fired-up with Rowan Atkinson’s Hitler is all the fans would want to see in the next season of the show. Also, it would be interesting to see someone who played Mr. Bean also play Adolf Hitler. If this is not thrilling, then what is?

Season six plot

The new series will hopefully see Tommy get to the bottom of who sabotaged his assassination plans and most probably follow Oswald as he seeks revenge plans to take revenge. The leader of the British Union of Fascists in the UK is portrayed by Sam Claflin in the drama. The actual Mosley was also a pal of Hitler and had met Benito Mussolini, Italy’s fascist dictator.

Hitler’s appearance

At Mosley’s second wedding to Diana Mitford, Hitler was also one of the guests in 1936. The wedding ceremony took place at the home of Third Reich Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. Where Hitler was a guest of honor. Because of Mosley and Hitler’s friendship, Peaky Blinders fans think Hitler may make an appearance in the new upcoming season.

Fans have even been telling their theories online regarding who will take on the tough role.

Until now, Mr. Bean’s Rowan Atkinson is a true favorite amongst fans to portray Hitler in Peaky Blinders season six.