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Rick and Morty's Jessica Comes to life with Cosplay

Rick and Morty’s Jessica Comes to life with Cosplay

Jessica has been playing a vital role in the Rick and Morty universe for quite some time. Hence, an artist has brought the animated character to life through cosplay. Jessica has been at the center of a few funny episodes. As the object of the little Morty’s love, Jessica serves as an interesting plot. Since Morty going after Jessica often goes against him in some surprising way.

Jessica has been brought to real life for an adventure of her own, thanks to a creative cosplayer. While Jessica has not been able to travel the galaxy with Morty until now, she has played an important role in his teenage years along with Rick.

Jessica is the clear love of Morty as seen in the first episodes of the show. He habitually tries to get a chance to speak her but is often interrupted by Grandpa Rick. But he never let’s go of the hope that one day soon she will become his girlfriend.

Jessica’s appearance

Jessica is a pretty, adolescent, orange-haired, Caucasian schoolgirl. She wears a green or light blue headband, a very soft colored magenta buttoned-up polo shirt, a purple skirt, white Mary-Jane heels, and cyan knee-high socks. She is a tad taller than Morty.

Although she did not get a lot of time in the episodes, we still discovered a lot about how Jessica operates during the premiere of the fourth season. In an episode, we saw Morty use a Death Crystal to get to the future where he can die beside an older Jessica which he does. It was all just about Jessica wanting to help older people pass on peacefully. Jessica, for some unknown reason, dresses the same way throughout the series and even in different eras in the show.

Jessica comes to life

Rick and Morty is known for its hilariously dark humor. Which is the reason that every time we see Jessica she is shown in a unique way. Now, this one artist has shown love for Jessica which Morty is unable to do until now in the series. This artist shows Jessica through a cosplay! Jessica was brought to life in a cute rare way, check it out below:

Season five

Adult Swim has already confirmed there are new episodes in the works while Rick and Morty have not confirmed the release date. However, more interest from Jessica’s side is already being teased for the 5th season of the show. The very first peek of the brand-new season highlighted a conversation between Jessica and Morty hinting some kind of future date, so we’ll see more of that soon!