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What the Mothers of Little Fires Everywhere Teach about Motherhood?

What the Mothers of Little Fires Everywhere Teach about Motherhood?

Despite their differences in lifestyles, abilities and personalities, Little Fires Everywhere mothers have something in common.

Although the trend of converting books into films is an old one, producers and streaming websites have started making TV shows based on books. Similarly, Hulu recently released Little Fires Everywhere based on the book of the same name. While the story is full of twists and unexpected turns, Little Fires Everywhere mothers teach us some valuable lessons.

Based on Celeste Ng’s book, Little Fires Everywhere revolves around a variety of unique characters

Developed by Liz Tigelaar, the show is based on the book which was launched in 2017. Instantly, after its release, Celeste Ng’s book received incredible reviews. Therefore, it was inevitable that Little Fires Everywhere be adopted into a film or TV show. The first episode of the show premiered in March on Hulu. Apart from Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington, the cast includes Joshua Jackson, Lexi Underwood, Rosemarie DeWitt, Jade Pettyjohn, and Huang Lu. The story revolves around a picture-perfect family residing in Shaker Heights and an eccentric mother-daughter duo. However, the story explores different lifestyles of Little Fires Everywhere mothers and their families. At the same time, it digs deeper into why a mother does what she does and how it can affect her children.

Despite being different from each other, Little Fires Everywhere mothers have a unique lesson about motherhood.

Whether you like them or not, Little Fires Everywhere mothers are doing all for the benefit of their families. However, it is important to look into each one of them to better understand them.

Elena Richardson:

Since her teenage, Elena lived her life according to a set of rules and immaculate planning. She believes that if you have a plan and you stick to it, nothing can go wrong. Therefore, it is important for her that her four kids are as perfect as can be. However, Elena has a real challenge in the shape of her fourth child, Isabelle. While Elena tries hard to keep her in line, Izzy does everything opposite of it. Although Elena has good intentions, she sometimes can be suffocating and controlling. While she may not realize it, Elena might act entitled to getting her way because she sacrificed her dreams for her kids. Even if she does not say it, her actions make her kids feel obliged to follow her plan.

Mia Warren:

Unlike Elena in Little Fires Everywhere, Mia has no plan and lives life one day at a time. In order to keep her dream alive and make a big name in the art world, Mia decides to take a step that will change her life. Although she was supposed to be a surrogate mother, Mia kept Pearl to honor her brother. However, in Pearl she found a companion for life and an unbreakable bond. While she had to leave her entire life behind to protect her child, Mia does not blame Pearl for any of it. Despite their inconvenient lifestyle where they have to move frequently, Mia does it happily as long as Pearl is with her. Not only did she sacrifice her dreams, she had to let go of the love of her life. Mia knows one thing only, Pearl is hers and no one can take her away.

Bebe Chow:

Alone in a foreign country and no money to even feed her newborn child, Bebe had to give her up. In a desperate moment, she left her May Ling outside a fire station. While some argue that she did give up her baby, this sacrifice was only to save her baby’s life. Young, alone and poor, Bebe could not even afford to buy her milk. However, after getting a job at Lucky Palace and meeting Mia, the fire inside Bebe ignites and she is determined to get May Ling back. Despite being her biological mother, Bebe has to fight the system and McCulloghs to get her back. When she loses the court case, Bebe has only one way to get May Ling and she risks everything to be reunited with her daughter. Bebe is an example in Little Fires Everywhere that sometimes you have to do the unspeakable for your kids.

Linda McCullogh:

Desperately wanting to be a mother, Linda went through a series of miscarriages. Therefore, she knows the value of having kids and raising them. When she and her husband finally have a chance to adopt a child, she feels ecstatic. May Ling becomes her Mirabelle and Linda becomes a mother. Despite being an adoptive mother, she devotes her life to the child and she gets a purpose. However, when Bebe comes back for May Ling, Linda feels like the world is ending. After so long, she had a chance at being a mother and someone wants to take it away. However, she will battle Bebe, if she has to, for Mirabelle.

With their own unique abilities, Little Fires Everywhere mothers do whatever they can for their kids. Despite their differences, they all have made sacrifices and gave up something precious to give their kids a good life.