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Fans Demand A Season 2 For Little Fires Everywhere

The miniseries will end this Wednesday on Hulu

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Little Fires Everywhere gave us the much-anticipated tense Elena (Reese Witherspoon)/ Mia (Kerry Washington) showdown in its episode 7. The Hulu show is due to air its finale today, and fans cannot wait but see what major revelations storm the families. Who started the fire in Elena’s House? How will Mia explain to Pearl the situation of her father? What will happen to baby May Ling? These are all the imperative questions that the show will have to answer before it goes out for good. Executive producers Witherspoon and Washington had always meant for the show to be a limited series. But with its budding fan-service characteristics, it managed to attract a loyal and returning fanbase. The fans of Little Fires Everywhere now want the show to stay put. And they have started campaigning about the same.

Fans Demand More Seasons For Little Fires Everywhere.

Fans are arguing on social media that Little Fires Everywhere deserves a season 2. They are debating that with the several arcs in the plotline, the show can easily survive for a few more seasons. In fact, the characters of Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon will not have their narratives stagnant if the show sticks around for a longer time.




With all the enthralling, spicy, saucy drama, and delicious performances turned in by Washington and Witherspoon respectively, it is only logical for the fans to demand another season.

When Will Finale Air, And Will There Be A Season 2?

Little Fires Everywhere will air its finale (Episode 8) Wednesday, April 22 on Hulu. The episode will drop at 12 AM ET. As for having a season 2, Little Fires Everywhere is a miniseries. But, that does not rule out the possibility of the show scoring a renewal. The fandom’s mass appeal might move Hulu to order a full series for the show. After all, the show has won nods from celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Jameela Jamil, and Mindy Kaling. 

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