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Ian Somerhalder Remembers His SAG Award Win

The Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards just happened last week. The 2020 SAG Awards winners included The Crown, Parasite and The Marvellous Mrs. Maizel. With new winners, nominees and attendees every year, most winners from previous years reminisce their wins. Among them, is the Vampire turned Human actor, Ian Somerhalder. He posted on his Instagram, a picture of himself with his still neat Screen Actors Guild Award from 2006.

Ian Somerhalder’s Screen Actors Guild Award

Ian got his SAG Award for ‘Outstanding Performance By An Ensemble In A Television Drama Series‘. Since the award is in 2006, you can probably guess that he didn’t receive it for his role in The Vampire Diaries. So, what did he get the award for?

The Vampire Diaries is not Ian’s first long-running tv show. He starred in the 2004 series Lost. If you loved Ian Somerhalder on the Vampire Diaries, you would’ve definitely swooned over his younger self shown on Lost. He is a brilliant actor with a heart of gold. Once you watch Lost, you’ll know why Ian deserved the award.

Now, this SAG Award isn’t his only award. The V Wars star also received numerous awards and nominations for his role as Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries. Now it seems Ian is looking to have similar hopes from his new show, V Wars. The last picture in the post shows the SAG Award on the table with the V Wars Books and covers. Also, since there has not been any word on season two of V Wars, could this be a hint? I mean… Ian first posted the book over a year ago when Netflix announced the series.

It is hence proven that Ian Somerhalder is very dedicated to every project he works on. We cannot wait to see what new milestones he achieves with his latest role.

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