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Money Heist - All the Heisters who have died so far

Money Heist – All the Heisters who have died so far

As much as we love how hip and happening Money Heist is, the show has a thing for leaving viewers in tears every once in a while. Money Heist makers pay attention to so many details in every season that they often forget to consider repercussions in the coming seasons. We do love how every season is so entertaining but, they keep killing off our favorite characters. La Casa De Papel is a Netflix show about a gang of robbers who plan and commit the greatest robberies to ever be thought of. First, the go into the Royal Mint of Spain and in 11 days, they make € 984 million! Now they are inside the Bank of Spain, where they plan to get out with 90 tons of Gold!

Here a list of all the Money Heist characters who have died so far.

1) Oslo (Roberto García)

Season 1. Right, when we were getting cozy with the show, a couple of Hostages plan an escape and they hit Oslo in the head with a crowbar. A sad moment and as Tokio (Úrsula Corberó) puts it, their first defeat on Money Heist. By the time his good friend Helsinki finds him, he is brain-dead. So, to put him out of his misery, Helsinki (Darko Perić) is forced to suffocate him to death. Imagine having to do that to someone you have been with since day 1.

2) Moscow (Paco Tous)

Season 2 brought us the loss of two of our favorite Heisters. But first, let us talk about Moscow. The father who wanted everything to be perfect for his son, Denver (Jamie Lorente). He got shot while Tokio was making her way back in. Money Heist and its dramatics. The gang went to cover for her as she rides in. And as cool as the whole thing was, it soon turns sour as Moscow gets three bullets in him. The gang tries everything to save him but, his time is limited. The whole gang is disheartened at his death. They even arrange a funeral for him.

3) Berlin (Pedro Alonso)

Captain truly paid off his duty as a captain. His death was an intense scene where the Royal Mint Heist is almost over. When the police infiltrate the Royal Mint it is essential for the gang to escape as soon as possible. But Nairobi fails to turn off the machines on time and it takes them longer to transfer the money. In spite of that, Berlin makes them all go through the tunnel and save themselves. He has a terminal illness and says he wants to die with dignity saving his friends. A true Money Heist hero moment. Berlin is the reason the heist at the Royal Mint succeeds.

4) Nairobi (Alba Flores)

Now, we have yet to truly comprehend what happened. Nairobi is the symbol of Matriarchy in the group. Alba Flores is amazing with her acting. And well, Gandia (José Manuel Poga) is a crap character. Probably the most hated Money Heist character. He shoots Nairobi right in the head as hearts shatter all over the world. What’s more heartbreaking is that Nairobi was planning a baby with The Professor (Álvaro Morte). She was finally going to have her reason to live.

Gosh, Money Heist creators really can get intense with their plots. Whatever they bring us next, we cannot wait to watch! Catch up on Money Heist now, stream it on Netflix.