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5 instances that Sergio Marquina - El Professor is a Genius

5 instances that Sergio Marquina – El Professor is a Genius

Money Heist or La Casa De Papel has all the attention right now. The heists are literally so alluring. With Tokio (Úrsula Corberó), Lisbon (Itziar Ituño), Rio (Miguel Herrán), Nairobi (Alba Flores), and others, the show is a pure masterpiece. Well, at least the heists in the show. The blood bath, the relationships, the flashbacks, it is all very happening. But, let us not forget the person behind it all. The Heists and everything from their birth to their escape. The Professor – Sergio Marquina/Salva. The character of Álvaro Morte. The man is a true genius! And we feel that he has a lot to do with the high 8.5 out of 10 ratings of the show on IMDb.

5 times Sergio Marquina was a total genius on La Casa De Papel

1) Befriending Inspector Raquel Murillo

At the beginning of the Heist, in season one, Sergio Marquina poses as Salva, just a local guy at a local cafe. Raquel Murillo is the Inspector Incharge Cop, of the Heist. He weaves his way into her life, to distract her from the mission at hand. And, to get on the inside. He succeeds in that pretty well. Well, we know how that turns out with Raquel joining the Heisters. It is moments like this we find Money Heist to be like our local soaps.

2) The Communication Hoax.

So, in the Heist, the Professor creates a Hoax where he wires his calls as such that he is on the outside of the Royal Mint of Spain but the calls are located from inside the Vault.

3) The Second Heist. (And Plan Chernobyl/ Aikido)

Money Heist Bank Of Spain Heist

So, when Rio is captured and tortured, The Professor gathers the gang again for a plan to free him. Well, and get Piles of Gold to swim in for the rest of their lives. Robbing the Royal Mint aside, Sergio also plans on robbing the Bank of Spain. The world’s most high-security Gold.

Other than that, the Professor also comes up with the Chernobyl plan. The plan is about their entrance into the heavily guarded Bank. They do so by creating a diversion. The diversion alerts the authorities who call in the army to guard every bank and space in Madrid. By this time, Sergio sends the signal to the gang to go inside dressed as one of the troops. They use the Aikido technique to have the police and guards of the Bank of Spain to help them get everything in place to start their reign of resistance.

4) The Lisbon Court Rescue

This one was a totally baffling moment. They build a whole wall! I mean, an actual wall at a courthouse in order to rescue Lisbon. This happens in season 4. Cannot upload a clip for copyright reasons but, you can stream it on Netflix to see the amazing plan!

5) The Carriers

At the end of season 2, the Royal Mint Heist ends. And when they escape to unknown lands scattering throughout the world, the Professor comes with giving them all assigned carriers. Carriers are people who the Heisters are to contact in case they are in trouble. They will lead them to the Professor in case of an emergency. These people are unidentified unless one of the Heisters calls upon them to seek help.

Let us end on the note that we cannot wait for season 5 to know what happens next. More importantly, what genius plans Sergio Marquina comes up with to protect his gang of Heisters.