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Mike Majlak Congratulates Ex-Girlfriend Lana Rhoades On Delivering A Healthy Baby On The Impaulsive Podcast

But then a couple of days later after that video, Mike made a public apology to Lana while they were out and about for dinner. And when a fan asked Mike on social media if he posted the break-up video just to gain views and money, he replied with a yes. Which was indeed quite surprising and shocking. As Lana Rhoades aka Amara Maple was head over heels in love with Mike and wanted to have a future with him. But Mike didn’t want that as he still feels like there is a lot of stuff in the world to explore.

Long story short, the couple ended things on a good note. While Mike was seen partying hard with the FaZe Banks clan. Lana Rhoades, on the other hand, was crushing on Blake Griffin. She once appeared in The BFFs Podcast while she was drunk. And Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards made her spill all the beans on her recent crush. Which at that time was the NBA star.

Mike Majlak Is Happy For Lana Rhoades And Her Baby Boy

Recently, Lana Rhoades delivered a beautiful baby boy named Milo. And Mike Majlak congratulated her during the recent podcast of IMPAULSIVE.

Mike Majlak

So there you go goes. Mike has made it very clear that he is not at all Lana’s baby daddy. And the baby actually looks entirely different than him. Moreover, Mike also talked about how some TikTokers are calling him the baby daddy and bullying the little baby boy.

“He came out looking like pure as the driven snow, like a macadamia nut. And I am driven right back into the f*cking fold again. All the little kids on TikTok might be like it’s Mike Majlak’s kid and he is going to get bullied in high school. They are all making the videos again..”

Then Logan says something very surprising:

“Let me tell you something, if they knew who that kid’s dad was, that kid ain’t getting bullied .”

Oh well!! A lot of people think that the baby daddy is Blake Griffin or Kevin Durant. But it’s totally up to Lana if she wants to share about the baby’s daddy or not.