Mike Majlak says he is not the father of Lana Rhoades’ baby

I and millions of people know that Mike Majlak never talks like a grown-up person. But to our utter surprise, he actually did. And he just congratulated his ex-girlfriend Lana Rhoades on getting pregnant. As expected, Mike appeared in the latest episode of IMPAULSIVE and addressed all the rumors regarding Lana Rhoades’s latest announcement on social media.

It all started when a couple of days ago a fan trolled Lana for having a shiny forehead. And Lana fired back at the troll by saying, “It’s actually a pregnancy glow but go off”. People started tagging Mike Majlak under Lana’s response to the troll and asked him to address the said situation. There was this one particular question asked by the fans which stood out from the rest, which is “Are you the father?” Mike kept his silence on the situation. Later, the supermodel posted the baby’s first ultrasound scan on her social media. And Mike indirectly responded to it by posting a tweet in which he asked fans if they know someone from the Maury Show. Long story short, Maury Show allows guests to take DNA tests.

Mike Majlak apologizes to Lana Rhoades

We all thought that Mike and Logan are having some serious beef and we won’t be seeing them together anytime soon. But we were definitely wrong. Mike just appeared in the latest episode of Impaulsive along with co-host Logan Paul and George Janko. So it all started when Logan shot his first question towards Mike regarding the Lana situation.

“Where do you start? Mike’s ex-girlfriend is pregnant, that’s weird. Are you the dad? Lana Rhoades is pregnant. That’s where I am starting. I have seen the headlines.”

Though Logan and George try really hard to make the situation worst by cracking lame “Gotcha” jokes. But Mike kept his calm and responded to the whole situation in a very reasonable way. And shoo off his co-hosts by saying this is a very serious topic. Mike further added that people were blowing his social media with messages and asking him if he is the father of Lana’s baby.

“This is a serious topic. I put up a pretty weird tweet about the Maury Show. It’s not funny, I shouldn’t have done it. But that’s where my brain went because I am a fu*king idiot. But I will address it here in the number one podcast of the world.”

Mike being Mike continued the conversation in a very dramatic way by asking his co-hosts to do the drum rolls.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, in the 8th-week pregnancy of Instagram Model, extraordinary Lana Rhoades, Mike you’re not the father.”

Umm, no, we are not done yet. Mike had a lot more to say to make us all cry happy tears for Lana. He mentioned that after his split-up with Lana, he started seeing other people. But unlike him, Lana started seeing someone specific. But they both remained friends and continued talking like usually, friends do.

“And the result of her interactions with said new person resulted in a bun in the oven. I know the sentiment around that has been surprise, and oh my god this can’t be real. But I know Amara obviously the most. She has always wanted a kid.

She has been through a miscarriage in her previous relationship but she is ecstatic to be a mother, to start that journey, and raise a kid. And I am so excited and happy for her and just pumped for her to do what she wants, to do what makes her happy. I stand behind her 100% to support her.”

Guys, I guess it’s okay to share that I have shed a couple of tears while typing this down myself. Mike, for once, has earned a lot of respect for using such kind, polite and beautiful words for his ex-girlfriend Lana. Though he is not the father of the baby, and we still don’t know when Lana is going to disclose it to her fans. But that’s her call and we hope that Mike is going to show his full support to Lana as a friend.

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