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Mia Khalifa reacts to her TikTok account getting banned in Pakistan

Do you guys need an introduction of the very famous adult content creator who has now turned into a social media celebrity? I hope not. Alright, so I am talking about none other than the very gorgeous Mia ‘Callista’. She is mostly recognized by her screen name which is Mia Khalifa. Mia Khalifa is not only a former star of the adult content industry but is also a budding sports commentator. She is often being criticized because of her past work preferences but she does not take any part in responding to the hate. People have even sent Mia death threats. But she tries not to respond to the negative comments.

When Did Mia Khalifa Quit Adult Industry?

In 2016, the star announced that she is quitting the adult industry and will be doing a “normal job” in Miami. She then started working as a paralegal and bookkeeper. And later, proceeded to become an influencer. She is now one of the very famous influencers on social media and runs a YouTube channel as well. But she has not posted any videos on her channel for almost 11 months. Which means that most of her videos are old.

Pakistan bans Mia Khalifa’s account

Recently, Mia Khalifa’s TikTok account was banned in Pakistan. Mia was unaware of this situation and was shocked when she heard the news of her account being banned in the country. The news was tweeted by one of her many fans, based in Pakistan:

It’s an absolute hate crime that they banned Mia Khalifa’s TikTok in Pakistan. I hate living here”.

After finding out that the news was in fact legit, the superstar came on Twitter to blast her fury on whoever decided this course of action.

As expected, her reaction to the news was explosive, considering the fact that Mia Khalifa has not been banned due to her vocal support on the ongoing political issues in the world. But it could be because of her past work preferences that were less than pleasing for the country. According to some reports, Pakistan has banned TikTok a couple of times because of the vulgar content.

So far, no one from the Pakistan TikTok officials have commented on this situation. So, we really don’t know why they banned Mia Khalifa from the app.