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The first man to get coronavirus vaccine, William Shakespeare, dies at 81 from unrelated causes

The first man to get the coronavirus vaccine, William Shakespeare, dies at 81 from unrelated causes

The 81-year-old English man, ironically named William Shakespeare, was the first man to get a Pfizer vaccine after doctors and Britain approved the vaccine in December 2020. The first woman to get the Pfizer jab was 90-year-old Margaret Keenan, also from Britain.

William, unfortunately, died last Thursday

He was in the international news headline when he got vaccinated at University Hospital Coventry. This was an important milestone against the COVID-19 pandemic battle. There were many jokes made in good fun due to his unique name. The entire situation became known as “The Taming of the Flu” which is a reference to the author William Shakespeare’s 16th century work “The Taming of the Shrew”.

Many twitter posts say that the late William Shakespeare was also an active supporter of the local Labor Party. When the ‘other’ William died, West Midlands Labor tweeted:

“We are sorry to hear the death of Coventry Labor Stalwart Bill Shakespeare.”

Jayne Innes, a council member of the labor party, said:

“Bill will be remembered for many things, including a taste for mischief”.

In addition to being remembered fondly by the party members as Shakespeare reincarnated, William is also described as an “International Sensation” because the world knows him now. The late William had a wife, whose name is Joy, and two sons and several grandchildren.

He made history by taking the first Pfizer Jab

When William took the first Pfizer Jab of coronavirus vaccine, he became the hero for all of Britain who was fighting against the battle which is COVID-19. Some would even say that he made history by taking the vaccine as he was the very first!

About this, the West Midlands Labor group said:

“Bill made global headlines as (the first) man to have COVID vaccine”

May he rest in peace!