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Maury From Big Mouth Goes to Florida

Maury From Big Mouth Goes to Florida

We’ve got to give to Netflix. The streaming company really does know how to promote its shows. The marketing team that they’ve got is the most innovative. You must be thinking about why we’re praising Netflix’s marketing decisions. Well, for one, we believe in giving credit where it’s due. Secondly, have you all seen Big Mouth Season 3 promotion videos? If you have, you probably know already why we’re all praises of Netflix today.

Maury Visits Florida and It’s Hilarious

The show starring Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Jenny Slate, Jessi Klein, and Jason Mantazoukas has gotten a huge fan following. We can recognize the raspy voice of Maury, the Hormone Monster, voiced by the show creator himself Nick Kroll.

Maury visits Florida to meet with his old friends and to promote the show. The entire promotion video of Maury’s visit to Florida is downright hilarious and will have you in tears. Tears from laughing out too loud.

We don’t want to give away too many details about what goes on in the video, because we want you to experience it all for yourself.  The video is available on Netflix’s sister Instagram account Netflixisajoke. In the caption of the post, it’s written,

Maury is horny for Florida and we have it all on tape.

@bigmouthnetflix Season 3 is streaming now

Enjoy the video.

Should You Watch Season 3?

Big mouth starring Nick Kroll and John Mulaney, is an animated adult comedy show on Netflix. And honestly, it’s a gem. A very rare gem that never loses its value. Though we’d been skeptical of whether season 3 of the show would live up to the awesomeness the first two were, luckily our worries were for nothing.

Big Mouth Season 3 is just as gross, uncomfortable, entertaining and hilarious as the previous two. It rises to the challenge of tackling puberty and adolescence through a perspective that is simultaneously realistic and completely surreal. It’s equal parts of brutal honesty and utter absurdity. All in all, you should definitely watch Big Mouth Season 3 and if you haven’t seen the first two seasons yet, we’re sending Maury your way!

Big Mouth Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.