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‘Dad With The Devil Horns’ | Unnatural & Extreme Body Modifications

Getting tattoos and piercings, both are fashionable but painful procedures. Though the outlook is mostly amazing. However; sometimes there are disasters if an inexperienced person is handling you. Or, sometimes some people go to extremes to get a unique look. And it is not accepted happily by all. Same is the case with a Brazilian dad, Pedro Kenso. He is 26 years old and lives in Brasilia. Kenso is a young father to a beautiful daughter, and he is also a loving husband. But, the majority of the people do not accept him for his modified taboo appearance as a Devil. Barcroft TV has named him “The Dad With The Devil Horns“. Yes, he has real devil horn implants on his forehead.

Dad With The Devil Horns, & Other Extreme-level Modifications

Pedro Kenso is a tattoo artist himself and he has gone to extremes to turn himself into a real-life devil look-alike. However; he is not a satanist. Kenso likes body modifications and he has already covered 60% of his body in tattoos. But his love for body modifications did not end there.

Once you start you cannot stop.

Kenso has screw-on devil horn implants in his skull. To turn his look more realistic, he also has tattooed eyeballs, a bifurcated/split tongue, and partially cut ears. Though every single thing sounds painful, Kenso says that the most painful process was getting his ears partially cut.

As a matter of fact, it all started when he was just a street graffiti artist. He made some friends who led him to the art of tattoos. Pedro Kenso’s first body modification was silicone implants to give the impression of devil horns. The other two horns fit into his skill and can be removed just like loosening a screw.

How Public Reacts To Pedro Kenso’s Modified ‘Taboo Appearance’

When Pedro Kenso goes out in public, he is criticized a lot. Some people are even scared to look at him or talk to him. However, his tattoo customers like him for his light hands as an artist. Kenso is currently at 60% tattoo coverage at the moment, but he wants to get at least 90-95%  of his body tattooed. Even his mother was not a big fan of his tattoos and extreme body modifications as it is considered taboo. However, she finally accepted it and now she has skin tattoos as well.

Kenso’s wife says people ask her ‘isn’t she scared of him’. She is not. Some people believe that he has destroyed his body which was made perfect by God.

Dad With The Devil Horns’ Personal Life

Interestingly, Pedro Kenso has Jesus’ tattoo on his right arm and Devil tattoo on his left arm. He used to do drugs and he was a cocaine-addict. However, he pulled himself out of that phase through tattoo art. Even Kenso’s wife has many tattoos now. He is a loving father and a husband.

Pedro Kenso has a friend who is also into extreme body modifications. He claims that horns are not devilish. In fact, they are tribal and ancient. Both of them have gone to extreme modifications to stand out in the crowd.

Me? I’m just a chill guy, I’m just a little shy – everything is about the art. I conquer everything through the art of tattooing.

His story coverage by Barcroft TV can be seen here. (Warning: some people may consider it graphic or disturbing).