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Manny Mua Can’t get enough Of Harry Jowsey

Hey, Guys!! Are you ready for a funfilled makeup transformation because Manny Mua is going to work his magic on the very handsome Harry Jowsey. And no, this magic is not created by the beauty guru’s magic wand *wink-wink*. But it is indeed created by his makeup brushes. Sorry for the lame joke guys, but Manny looks totally whipped throughout the video. You all are welcome to correct me if I am wrong.

But before we jump onto the actual glam session, Manny asks the Too Hot To Handle star about his on-set experience. As some of you might not know that Harry is one of the rising reality stars on Netflix. Apart from Too Hot To Handle, Harry has appeared in season one of Heartbreak Island. He was also a contestant of Match Me If You Can and one of the hosts in Netflix’s Tudum event. But when Manny asks him about his on-set experience, Harry gives a very surprising reply.

“Well! I am a reality tv sl*t”.
So I was on this dating show called Too Hot To handle on Netflix, which was a lot of fun.”

Harry further mentioned that when he was auditioning for the show, he was told that there is going to be a lot of s*x. But when he got selected, he was told that he can’t do the s*x stuff. Which made him really really upset. I mean if I were in his place, I would be upset too. Because you can’t just put the most beautiful people under one roof and ask them to refrain from having s*x.

Manny Mua asks Harry Jowsey to spill some details about his fellow contestants’ se*ual escapades.

But Harry chose to share one of his se*ual escapades instead.

“Like on reality tv shows, you usually share a room and like these people have s*x. Or they like to fool around, trying to do stuff, and like let out a squeaky moan here and there. And I was like these people. And when I come, I usually laugh.”

Then Manny asks Harry that why would you laugh after coming. Is that a laughing moment for you?

“Yeah, I don’t know. I just feel so good and I laugh. It’s so bizarre.”

Harry then shared a story from the show. And well, it’s very easy to guess who is he actually talking about.

“So there was this one moment where me and said person on the show, umm, so she gave me head. And we thought we got away with it but like I forgot, and I find it so funny. I was literally laughing and everyone was like HARRY.”

You guys are definitely going to laugh after reading this

Later in the video, Harry says that he really wants to use the picture from Manny’s glam session for the cover of his boxing match (if it ever happens).

“I am just thinking if I ever get in a boxing match in the future. I just have a feeling that if that happens, there is going to be a photo of this face, fight us.”

fight us

Then Manny goes like, oh not me because I am not really a fighter. He further adds that he has never been to a fight and he has no idea what it feels like. Harry being Harry couldn’t resist saying something naughty here.

“I am pretty sure you have definitely taken a pounding.”

And then Manny responds to him with the same fun vibe.

“I definitely have to get a pounding but not the pounding that you’re expecting.”

Uhh-Ohh!! I don’t know about Manny and Harry, but I am really feeling the need to get some.

Manny asks Harry about his photo in Nikita Dragun’s song D*CK

Well!! It’s safe to say that Harry wasn’t happy with Nikita’s choice of picking the worst picture of him for the song.

“I didn’t notice she took the photo, Like I remember, I did take a photo on her bum with my face but I was hungover. I didn’t prepare for any of that. I was like let me be hot. And the video would have done numbers.”

Harry further added that it’s not his job to tell people or his fans about who he hooks up with.
Almost at the end of the makeup transformation video, Harry says to Manny that his friends are going to eat him alive after seeing him with all the glam. To which Manny replies with, “oh. they should be so lucky“.
Come on Manny, where is your head at?? Let us know in the comments down below if you guys think Manny is smitten with Harry’s beauty.