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Lily James Spotted With Dominic Cooper After Dominic West

Lily James Spotted With Dominic Cooper After Dominic West

It’s the battle of the Dominics in Lily James’s world. After the whole scandal about Lily James’ alleged affair with Dominic West, she is now seen out and about with another Dominic. This time, it is Dominic Cooper, her ‘Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again’ co-star. This was also her first public sighting since all the Dominic West drama went down.

If you are not familiar with what happened, let me give you a quick recap.

Lily James And Dominic West’s Alleged Love Affair

Lily James and Dominic West sparked affair rumors when the two were seen cozying up to each other on a romantic trip to Rome. There were many paparazzi shots of Dominic giving Lily’s neck a kiss while they had lunch together. And the two riding a scooter around the city.

All these pictures could not help but start rumors of a new affair.

However, shortly after, Dominic West and his wife, Catherine stepped out for the paparazzi with a staged kiss. They also had a note that spoke of how strong their marriage still is. This was supposed to silence the media that was still buzzing from the scandalous photos from Rome. This seemed to ‘shock’ Lily James initially because perhaps she was told another story by Dominic. The actress was also embarrassed and wanted to move on from this affair scandal as soon as possible.

And now, it seems like Lily James has moved on from Dominic West to another Dominic.

“Rebecca” Actress Now With Dominic Cooper?

The two were spotted dining out at a Greek restaurant called, Lemonia in London.

“Lily had a business dinner at Lemonia with Dominic Cooper and another friend on Monday night,” an eyewitness told E! News. “They all seemed friendly and to get on well. Lily sat across the table from Dominic and they shared a bottle of wine and Greek food. When they finished eating, they sat around laughing and chatting for a while.”

The insider added that the restaurant closed at 10 PM after which they were the last ones to leave. The three dinner pals got into a cab together and left.

This little dinner meeting marked the first time Lily has been photographed in public ever since the scandal. However, she had made a virtual TV appearance on The Tonight Show on October 21.

The two newly rumored love birds both appeared in 2018′  Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. However, we are not sure if there is any romantic inclination between the two as Dominic Cooper has been in a relationship with Gemma Chan for years.