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Dominic West Having An Affair With Lily James?

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Dominic West is a famous English actor and director. However, it is not his acting or directing skills that have him making rounds on the tabloids. But a not-so-secret affair with an actress, Lily James.

The trouble began when certain onlookers were surprised to see a married Dominic West and Lily James cozying up to each other on a romantic trip to Rome.

Dominic or Lily, neither of them seemed to mind who saw them as they cuddled up with each other. The two were also seen riding a scooter together while keeping close throughout the day. And the English actor was photographed kissing Lily’s neck during a lunch date.

However, want to know the most ironic part? Dominic is actually famous for his role in ‘The Affair’. He plays a character exploring extra-marital affairs when a young woman catches his eye. And now it seems like he has adopted his character’s personality into his real life.

Dominic, who is married to Catherine FitzGerald, an Irish landscape designer and aristocrat was not wearing his wedding ring while he was out with Lily. Although no split has been announced yet, the two actors seemed too comfortable with each other.

Update on Dominic West’s Marriage

After all the hysteria caused by Dominic’s shenanigans in Rome, the actor and his wife stepped out for a staged paparazzi moment. The husband and wife staged a smooch for the cameras to prove that their marriage was still going strong.

They also released a public statement on a piece of paper. It stated, “Our marriage is strong and we are very much still together.”

In an interview with Esquire back in 2012, Dominic was asked how his wife felt about his “adulterous lushes” thanks to his roles in ‘The Wire’ and ‘The Affair’. He replied saying his wife does not care. As long as he is back with the kids, he is free to do whatever he likes. This is because the two have been together since twenty years. And according to Dominic, he has been dumped by her several times. So, there is nothing he can do now that will surprise her.

Judging from what he said in this interview, it seems like Catherine is aware of Dominic’s affair with Lily James. However, to put up a façade of a happy marriage, she urged him to stage a paparazzi moment with her.

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