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Lilly Singh Advice on How You Can Help The World

Lilly Singh who used to be known as Superwoman is a woman of many traits. Though she has let the title go, she is still a superwoman in our hearts. The Canadian Indian YouTuber has expanded her expertise through the entire entertainment industry. She started her career on YouTube where she now has over 3 billion views. Her subscriber base is also reaching about 15 million. Her latest venture is her serving as the first-ever female to host to a late-night talk show. The woman is a comedian, actress, hostess and also, an influencer. With the New Year’s fuss and resolution, Lilly Singh focuses gives followers a tip on how they can contribute to better our world.

Lilly Singh’s and her work educating girls

The post features her favorite moments from meeting girls she has helped educate. Last year, Lilly teamed up with ME to WE to provide education to girls in India, Ecuador, and Kenya. She partnered with the countries to help empower girls as part of her #GirlLove initiative. In a span of 2 years, Lilly has turned her life around by following a simple trick.

Everything felt like too much of a privilege and I didn’t know how to navigate my own experience anymore. I would compare every personal purchase to how much that money would mean to a community of girls elsewhere.

However, Lilly also realizes the fact that we cannot solve everything. We definitely need to play our part in making this world a better place – but we can’t better the entire world all by ourselves. She then goes on to advise her 9.1 million Instagram followers.

Here’s Superwoman’s advice to all of us

 I believe we’re all born with a specific chip on our shoulder and I use that term in a positive way. By chip I mean, some reality we faced that has in turn sparked a desire to fight for a cause. If you were born in a war torn country, you probably feel strongly about peace, politics and violence. (Or) if you faced poverty, you probably have a strong desire to help those struggling to make ends meet. If you were discriminated against for being part of the LGBTQ+ community, you probably feel it in your bones when you read about transgender hate crimes.

The importance of realizing what your chip is high. It defines what you feel most strongly about. Lilly Singh whats you to take your chip and use it to play your part in helping those around you.

Use your passion and fight for whatever cause speaks to your heart but just choose SOMETHING to fight for because our brothers and sisters and animals and environment (etc) need our love and care.

Lilly Singh is starting the year off with a beautiful message to us all. The world has too many problems right now and could use every little good that we can contribute.