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Lachlan Watson Wants to Play Sophia Lillis’ Sibling in a Netflix Show

Lachlan Watson has started a petition to play Sophia Lillis' sibling and we cannot wait for this Netflix show to happen. Let's start voting.

Although they both have their own separate shows, Lachlan Watson has expressed an interest in playing the sibling of Sophia Lillis. It is time to petition for a Netflix show with these two incredible actors.

Although they began acting as a child, Lachlan Watson is best known for their work in ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’

As a child, they worked in a theater along with their mother. With time, they explored more theater opportunities as well as small roles in TV shows like ‘Nashville’ and ‘Drop Dead Diva’. However, Lachlan Watson gained popularity after they landed a regular role in Netflix show, ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’. In the show, they play a transgender boy named Theo Putnam. According to them, the story line and the character is important for the non-binary or gender-queer people. In order to make it more authentic, they have used their personal experience in shaping the character. Lachlan Watson is one of the youngest non-binary actors in Hollywood.

On the other hand, Sophia Lillis made her acting debut in 2016 with a film, ’37’

However, Sophia Lillis made a breakthrough when she starred in the horror film, ‘It’. In the film, she plays an essential character, Beverly Marsh. Apart from Sophia Lillis, the cast of ‘It’ includes Jaeden Martell, Finn Wolfhard, Bill Skarsgard, Wyatt Oleff and Jeremy Ray Taylor. In 2018, Sophia Lillis was a part of HBO’s miniseries, ‘Sharp Objects’ and the film adaption of ‘Nancy Drew’. Recently, she starred in Netflix show, I Am Not Okay With This as Sydney Novak. This coming-of-age story revolves around a girl who discovers that she has superpowers. While the show has received positive reviews, the spotlight remains of Sophia Lillis who has given a powerful performance.

Recently, Lachlan Watson expressed their desire to play Sophia Lillis’ sibling

Despite starring in their respective Netflix shows, the two actors have not worked together yet. However, it seems that there is interest in being each other’s co-stars. On their Instagram post, Watson posted a picture of Lillis and themselves side by side. The black and white picture shows an uncanny resemblance between the two actors. In the caption, they wrote:

sooooo… petition to get Netflix to cast Sophia Lillis and i as siblings because… um…

It is safe to say that the fans of both the actors would have started voting for this petition if it existed.