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The Conjuring 3 Horror Film Will Not Be Another Haunted House Movie

The Conjuring 3 Horror Film Will Not Be Another Haunted House Movie

According to writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, The Conjuring 3 will not be another haunted house horror movie. James Wan’s original Conjuring gave the movie plotline success which started off a shared universe. Developing into sequels and spinoffs, stories like Annabelle and Valak took The Conjuring mythology in new directions. Ed and Lorraine Warren were specially given credits in these movies as the demonologists connected the storylines in each film. However, the writer has teased that the coming sequel will be a little different; titled The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.

The Conjuring 3 Is Completely Different

Director Michael Chaves will be taking on the chair for this horror movie. It will base on the real-world trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson in 1981 from the famous “Devil Made Me Do It” case. Unlike the previous haunted house cases which the Warrens fought, this will be slightly different. Hence, the movie will stray a little from the narrative that gave it a success.

Writer Johnson-McGoldrick worked on Conjuring 2, only to come back for the next movie as well. Speaking to a fan on Twitter he told them that it’s a

“Completely different movie than the first two. The franchise is expanding beyond the ‘haunted house’ formula.”

We think we should highlight how subtly the writer has told us the “franchise is expanding”. Should we be expecting a lot more movies than we expect? Perhaps we will continue to see more plotlines stem out from the original lives of Ed and Lorraine Warren? Will The Conjuring 3 horror movie set off a series of different spin-offs for the future?

In the case at hand, which is The Conjuring 3, the movie title suggests that we might be seeing something similar to Scott Derrickson’s The Exorcism of Emily Rose. The movie also was a courtroom drama-horror. The Conjuring series have remained profitable due to the low cost of production. However, only a changing and twisting story-line will continue to add value to the plot. Is The Conjuring 3 going to answer this situation?

We shall find out this September 2020!