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Justin Bieber Released 'Intentions'

Justin Bieber Released ‘Intentions’

Remember when we shared an update from Justin Bieber teasing something new? And our guess was that it’s his new song. Well, we were right! The new song from his latest ‘Changes’ music album is now out and we have Justin Bieber ‘Intentions’ to listen to till we wait for his entire collection of new music. To find out more about this new song and what we think about it, keep reading.

Justin Bieber ‘Intentions’ from Changes music album is out now

So this new song by pop sensation Justin Bieber is his part of his new Changes music album that marks his much-awaited return to music. We have high hopes from the album and well, this song gives an idea of what’s in store.

Justin Bieber ‘Intentions’ also features music artist Migos’ Quavo and it arrives with a new music video!

The song has significance too. It was released as an effort to support an LA-based organization called Alexandria House. Their primary focus is to ensure safe housing for women and children as well as their transitions into emergency shelter situations. For the cause, Justin Bieber even donated an amount of $200,000 as donating funds to support the families in Alexandria House.

The music video features them interacting with people there and draws attention to their plight. It is a wholesome and fun music video to watch. And it has some truly heart-touching moments too where women share their stories. Justin Bieber and Quavo then surprise them with gifts and even a car.

Our review of the song

Overall, we really like this song. And it is a huge step from the first new song release from Bieber, ‘Yummy.

Quavo also adds nicely to the entire experience. We won’t say that it is the best Bieber song to date but we think it’s good.

The chorus is also pretty good and quite catchy. But what we truly like is the production and idea behind it. It’s truly heart-warming to see celebrities make a difference in the world, especially through their music.

We are excited to catch the entire Changes music album which is due to release on 14th February.