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Kylie Jenner's $750,000 Giveaway On The Ellen Show

Kylie Jenner’s $750,000 Giveaway On The Ellen Show

The Ellen Show is back with its season 17 and it will be featuring some top celebrities. Kylie Jenner & Kris Jenner were the famous guests of the first episode and they had some interesting things to share. Ellen questioned Kylie Jenner about how the Kardashian/Jenner sisters were treating their youngest and richest sibling. And her answer revealed how all siblings typically act. Moreover, Kylie Jenner also gave away $750,000 to inspiring ladies on The Ellen Show.

Kylie & Kris Jenner Giveaway On The Ellen Show

A few weeks back, Ellen announced that Kylie Jenner would be giving away $1 Million to someone during the premiere week. And they received a lot of submissions. However, there was one submission that caught their attention. They selected Samantha, a 27-Year old Miami girl. She runs a women’s empowerment group named “The Nest Of Love”. Samantha brings young ladies together every week to mentor them.

Samantha’s Nest Of Love

Ellen flew in Samantha and 10 members of her Nest of Love. They were told that they will be shooting a season promo for Ellen. So, when Ellen revealed they will be meeting Kylie Jenner, Kris Jenner & Ellen, Samantha, and her friends lost it. Samantha could not control her tears and she was so excited and overwhelmed to meet Kylie. And as expected, her efforts truly paid off.

Kylie Jenner gave $150,000 for Samantha’s Nest of Love and Kylie’s makeup box exclusively for Samantha. The box actually had $100,000 for Samantha. Moreover, the generous Kylie Jenner & Kris Jenner gifted Kylie’s birthday special kits to her team members who joined Ellen on her show. And Kylie did not stop there. She also added $50,000 for each of them. The total amounts to $750,000 and Kylie will give away the remaining $250,000 to someone else this week.

Kylie Reveals How Kardashian/Jenner Clan Teases Her

Ellen labeled Kylie as Kylie ‘Billionaire’ Jenner, suggesting Billionaire should be her middle name. Considering how the Kardashians are working for many years, Kylie Jenner came along and became the youngest billionaire at the age of 21. Of course, Ellen had to ask her what the Kardashians/Jenner think of Kylie’s net worth. In fact, Ellen also inquired from Kris Jenner that Kylie must be her favorite child. In response, Kris Jenner said “Duh” and did not add any related information. When Ellen asked Kylie if her siblings give her a hard time, this is what she had to say.

It’s only when we, i don’t know, when we are in a group chat talking about let’s all go, OMG we should go on a trip. And then everyone is like”Kylie? Are you gonna pay for it?” or stuff like that. But they just joke with me. Just sister love. They are all really proud of me for sure.

Ellen further confirmed from Kylie Jenner if they really expect her to pay for all this stuff. Surprisingly, Kris Jenner responded before Kylie, saying “No, they don’t really”. Kylie kept looking at her mother before saying, “No”. Kris Jenner further joked that Kylie only pays for her mother’s stuff.

Keep watching The Ellen Show to know who will be the next lucky person to get $250,000.