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Official Kylie Jenner Office Tour | Okay, We’re Jealous

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Kylie Jenner is keeping her fans happy even when is facing a family crisis herself. She recently broke up with her boyfriend Travis Scott. Scott and Jenner have a daughter Stormi Webster and rumors are that they might be getting back together. Well, the gossipers are already stalking her and spreading rumors about Kylie Jenner seen with Tyga and Kylie Jenner dancing with Jaden Smith post-breakup. But the rumors are rumors as Kylie Jenner denied them already. She is focusing on her Kylie Skin & Kylie Cosmetics business as well as her daughter Stormi. Recently, she teased about sharing an official video of Kylie Jenner office tour of her ‘Kylie Cosmetics’. And guess what, the video is out.


Kylie Jenner Office Tour | Kylie Cosmetics

The video starts with Kylie Jenner announcing the official tour of her Kylie Cosmetics Head Quarter. Entering through the main Kylie Cosmetics door, you see a huge lobby with a pink and white theme. There is a pink Kylie neon sign behind the reception. One side of the lobby has a huge television to keep people entertained whereas the other side has comfy sofas and pictures on the wall. Kylie Jenner even has pink and white M&M’s, customized with her face on them. (Bosslady Goals?). While she is at reception talking about her M&M’s, she observed pink umbrellas near the entrance.

I am assuming Kris Jenner put these in here because I have not seen these yet. I mean, it never rains in California, so. But It’s cute. Thanks Mom.

Kylie Jenner wanted pink accents everywhere in her office, but not too overwhelming. For example, she also has pink little starbursts everywhere. Next, she enters a huge open space that has magazines neatly placed on one side. Whereas; comfy seats in the middle of the space. The magazines are, in fact, every single cover Kylie Jenner and her family has ever done.

Kylie Cosmetics Iconic Kit Wall & Conference Rooms

One wall of the spacious hall is dedicated to Kylie’s iconic lip kits. The next room is her creative room which is more like a fairy-styled conference room. The chairs have faux-fur. In fact, Kylie Jenner wanted these rolly chairs as she spent most of her time in meetings. However, you will be surprised to know her conference room is separate from her creative room. As Kylie confirmed, the conference room is more like a family office as her family meets in the conference room to discuss collaborations and other important stuff with her mom Kris Jenner.

The Pink Kitchen Space

Kylie Jenner’s kitchen is also covered in pink accents. She has pink bowls and dishes, glass-stained pink cups, some more pink candies, trays, and glasses. And OMG, the fridge inside her kitchen is more like a mini-mall with all kinds of drinks. It is filled with water, juices, fizzy drinks, and all the interesting items you can imagine. However, Kylie blurred her favorite drink and said she might share it one day but she cannot do it now. She did give a hint that it is always sold out in the market. There is Stormi’s pink high-chair in the kitchen as well. The coffee area has pink paper straws, pink coffee cups and she also has a wall of lip kits in the dining area. There is also a small Kris Jenner Alcohol Station, because, well she requested it. (Champ!).

Kris Jenner & Kylie Jenner Office

Kris Jenner, the momager, has her own office in Kylie Cosmetics. (That explains her alcohol station, which is outside her office). Kylie Jenner shows off her pink customized tape, pink paper with Kris customized on them. (P.S. no one was in the office except the receptionist and another lady).

The Kylie Jenner office seemed smaller than her mother’s. She has her awards on display. She also has a photo of her and Stormi enlarged and displayed on the office wall. Kylie says Stormi motivates her to be a better person. In fact, Kylie’s office leads to Stormi’s bedroom-cum-playroom. Where Stormi was actually taking a nap at that time so Kylie did not enter it.

Kylie Skin Wall & Other Sections

Kylie has utilized every single section and wall of her office and turned it into a beautiful and appealing space. One wall is painted pink and it has a neon display of Kylie Skin letters. She even has a Kylie Cosmetics Showroom with all her products displayed in a beautiful way. Kylie Cosmetics has an editing room, a YouTube room, a friends & family glam room, a mini (not so mini at all) photo studio with a huge white backdrop, a green room, bathroom, fitting room with mirror walls everywhere, and her glam room. She also has a champagne machine. Yes, let’s wrap it right there.

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