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KSI and Austin McBroom boxing match may happen!

After beating Bryce Hall in the TikTokers vs. YouTubers fight, Austin McBroom verbally agreed to meet KSI in the ring in the Battle of the Platform 2. After the fight, McBroom had this to say about his opponent in the ring:

A lot of people want to keep having me talk sh*t about Bryce Hall, but I’m only going to lift him up like everybody else should.

McBroom said that he had nothing but good words to say about Hall. Bryce was also very kind of Austin and said some kind words to McBroom in return. Prior to their match, they were creating some drama online by coming at each other on social media. But perhaps it was only for show.

KSI and Austin McBroom’s fight is happening

Looks like Austin is all ready to bring on the Battle of Platforms 2. Austin recently posted a story on his official Instagram. The picture said:

Social Gloves

Battle of the Platforms 2

Coming Soon

According to Austin’s story, the second season of the Battle of the Platforms will also be organized by Social Gloves. Since TikTokers vs. YouTubers show was a big success, it seems like the second installment of the Battle of the Platforms will be coming soon. Fans think KSI and Austin might be fighting real soon because they have been hinting at this. In a comment exchange, Austin challenged KSI and said:

I’m ready whenever you are.

To which KSI responded

Great workout. I’m ready.

None of the social media personalities have made an official announcement yet but we are excited about the fight and really want it to happen.

A boxing account of Twitter also hinted that the two might be fighting each other in the ring very soon because of their comment exchange on Instagram

What are fans’ thoughts on this?

Many fans have come at KSI because he made a statement saying that he won’t be fighting Jake Paul because KSI is too busy with his music a few weeks ago.

Some people also called out KSI because he was laughing at Jake for not fighting real boxers and now he’s out here fighting Austin McBroom.

What do you think about these two fighting?