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Korean Dramas on Netflix That You Need to Watch

Korean Dramas on Netflix That You Need to Watch

If you don’t already know about the Hallyu wave, then you’ve been probably living under a rock. The Hallyu wave refers to the spread of Korean pop culture all around the world. The popularity the Korean culture has today is without a doubt because of K-pop, but there’s also this one more thing. That is Kdrama a.k.a Korean dramas.

Korean dramas are just as popular as K-pop. I’d even go ahead and say that maybe more. Their popularity is due to the fact that they are very different. You won’t find anything similar to Kdramas in any other country. They’re sappy and at times cringe. But then they’re also heartbreaking and then there are some that will make you shocked to the core.

So, if you’re new to the Kdrama scene, or haven’t even started yet, I bring you a list of Korean dramas that you can watch on Netflix.

The Heirs (2013)

I’ll start off the list with a fan popular. The Heirs is like a Korean take on gossip girl but with less debauchery and more family drama. It has got illegitimate children, mistresses, teen drama, triangle love stories and so much more. The plot revolves around the love story of Kim Tan and Go Eun Sang. The former is a rich heir who is living in USA and the latter is a poor girl who goes to the states to meet her sister.

There, they both meet, and viola, Kim Tan is in love and decides to back to Korea once Go Eun Sang returns. The twist comes in when Kim Tan finds out that Go Eun Sang is the daughter of one of the servants who work in his house. Adding on to that, they both lie about Eun Sang’s family background when she starts studying at Kim Tan’s school.

The Heirs was my second or maybe my third Kdrama. Everyone was always telling me to watch it and that it was the best Korean drama ever. But I’ll have to say that I was disappointed. I guess that was because everyone had hyped it up so much or maybe because it wasn’t my cup of tea. It’s not a bad drama.

If you’re trying to get into Kdramas, this drama is perfect for you. You’ll like the banter, the romance, the fights, and everything else the drama has to offer but it won’t stay with you. Like I said, it’s a good drama but just not the best.

Who Are You (2015)

Who are you is part of the school series. The series is about the life and problems teenagers have. Who are you depicts the story of a teenager who was bullied in school and how bullying affects teenagers. The plot revolves around Eun-Byeol who is a popular student at a private high school. She goes missing and returns, but she has lost her memory. She tries to find out the truth. The drama has 16 episodes and it’ll only take a day or two to watch it. It is a stand alone part of the school series so you don’t have to watch the other ones too.

Who are you was something new for me. As far as Korean dramas go there’s always something romantic to watch but not enough serious stuff out there. At least when it comes to teen dramas revolving around high school. I was surprised when I saw Who are you. It dealt with serious problems like bullying and revenge. Not to say there wasn’t any romance. This drama has one of the best second lead syndrome. This term means that the second lead or love interest is so good that you start rooting for him/her too.

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Healer (2014)

Now, this Kdrama is a must-watch. I’ve seen this almost three times now and I never get bored. It has go action, mystery, drama and romance. Perhaps one of the best romance in Kdramas. I fell in love with the two main leads and think that there’s not a better couple than both of them. The show tells a tale about a star reporter who seeks the help of a spy named Healer to help him to unveil the dark truth behind the people who have been ruling for too long.

I have nothing but praise for this show. The Healer was intense but funny and laid back in places. It’s perfect except for the exaggerated action scenes but we’ll look past that.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017)

No one does romantic comedy shows better than Korea. This drama is an absolute delight. It’s funny, it’s romantic and it’s exaggerated. All in all, it’s a perfect watch for when you’re feeling bored and are in a mood to watch something with romance but with a tinge of comedy too. Moreover, the beautiful cast features a strong female lead and a dreamy hero.

The female lead, Do Bong Soon seems to be small and fragile, but she is actually a woman with super strength handed down to her from female members of her family. One day, Ahn Min Hyuk, the CEO of a game company, witnesses her powers. The man becomes attracted and intrigued by her. Soon he faces a threat to his life, so he decides to hire the girl as his bodyguard.

Mr. Sunshine (2018)

Historical and period dramas are a big thing in Korea. And they should be because the Koreans make some of the best period dramas. Though, it’s a bit difficult to comprehend the Korean accents! But, Mr.Sunshine is definitely worth the watch. During the United States expedition to Joseon (South Korea) in 1871, a boy from Joseon boards an American warship and goes to America. As an adult, he returns to his home country as an American soldier stationed in the country.

Mr. Sunshine is one of my favorite k-dramas. Perhaps even one of my favorite dramas ever. It’s intense and heartbreaking. It is really hard to watch but it’s very plot oriented. If you’re going to go in watching this drama thinking that it’ll be one of those light-hearted Korean dramas, then you’re in for a surprise. This show holds nothing back when it comes to angst. Every episode, even with it’s happy moments is going to leave you sad by the end of it. So if you’re ready to cry your heart and fall in love with the characters, watch Mr. Sunshine. Also, the cinematography for this show is phenomenal. It’s so good that I’d give it an Oscar.

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Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)

The story of this show is basically a love story between the son of a wealthy family who has 7 personalities and a 1st-year female resident who becomes a secret doctor for him.

Trust me on this one. This is the best show ever. It’s heart-wrenching, heartwarming, and unforgettable. It was something I had never seen before and I loved it. The acting is just out of the world and I’m talking about the male lead. He plays seven different characters and he makes you fall in love with all 7 of them.

The drama was not without it faults. It had some predictable k-drama traits in there but isn’t that why we love Korean dramas. But don’t worry, every episode leaves you with a mystery and twists that are going to blow your mind. Lastly, the soundtrack of this drama is one of the best and that one song that comes on at every special moment makes it all the more perfect.

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So what are you waiting for? Go watch a Korean drama on Netflix and comment down below if you liked watching it as much as I do.