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BTS & Khalid Collaboration Happening Soon?!

As per Khalid’s recent BBC interview, the highly anticipated Khalid x BTS collab may be coming very soon. Earlier the collaboration was only on a major speculative level. But now, it appears that the joint musical venture may go on floors quite soon. Khalid, 21, has already participated in starry musical collabs than most of his peers. He has performed alongside Imagine Dragons, Swae Lee, Martin Garrix, Pink, Marshmello, Shawn Mendes, Calvin Harris and Billie Eilish among others. And now the ‘Talk’ singer is planning to join forces with famed South Korean band and good friends, The Bangtan Boys for yet another musical venture. BTS SONGS JUNGKOOK TWITTER

Khalid Confirms That A BTS x Khalid Collaboration Is Coming Soon

Khalid had first opened up about his friendship with the septet during his appearance on Good Morning Britain.


Khalid said, ‘Just because you don’t speak the same language as each other, doesn’t mean you can’t have a friendship.’

On the morning show, Khalid had revealed that he was indeed a member of the BTS Army, a great admirer of the Bangtan Sonyeondan. While he was on the show, Khalid also discussed the prospect of a BTS collaboration. Khalid pointed out that he was strongly considering joining hands with the band for new music.

We now have recent updates about the same. Khalid recently appeared on BBC news for a Newsbeat segment. There he discussed his collaboration plans. Khalid said smilingly, “I have a strong feeling there will be progress… and something will arrive”. However, when the interviewer tried to press on Khalid to reveal details about the project, he refused to comment.

Khalid elaborated that he does not want to talk about the South Korean superstars as it would ‘cramp their style’. But he still insisted that a collaboration was definitely underway, subtly hinting that he has already pitched a plan to the Bangtan Boys.

BTS Too Has Confirmed The Musical Collaboration

The BTS Army has been waiting for the two music goliaths to get together ever since BTS’s leader, RM, casually confirmed it in a radio interview while. The Bangtan Boys were performing at various stops in the US as a part of their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour.

During the interview, RM reflected on his camaraderie with Khalid. In addition to, confirming that a musical collab wasn’t just a hypothetical thing anymore.

RM said, “He’s our friend, from the very start. He was a rookie, and we were new artists to the U.S. The first time ever we came to Billboard Music Awards, in 2017, we met and just loved each other’s music. So what I can say is: It is really happening. Not just conversations — it is actually happening.” BTS x Khalid SONGS JUNGKOOK TWITTER

While RM didn’t spill on the beans on a potential release date for the collab, he did acknowledge that it could come out later this year.

Is Khalid A Part Of RM And Suga’s Upcoming Song For BTS World

For now, RM and Suga have composed an original song for the group’s mobile game, BTS World, which comes out on June 21st. Fans are; hence, speculating that the song will feature his vocals or appearance. BTS x Khalid SONGS JUNGKOOK TWITTE