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Kobe Bryant Tribute Lamborghini Is Up For Sale For $170,000?

On the unfortunate day of January 26, 2020, the world lost its best NBA player Kobe Bryant in a tragic accident. His helicopter crashed due to heavy fog, and Bryant Family lost not only Kobe but his daughter Gianna as well. 6 family friends were riding with Kobe, for a basketball game at Bryant’s Mamba Academy. All of them, including the pilot, also lost their lives. Since the tragic accident, many people and celebrities have given tribute to the legend in their own way. However, the recent tribute is a customized Lamborghini, that is up for sale for $170,000.

Kobe Bryant | Special Lamborghini $170,000

A very special, super passionate fan of Kobe Bryant, Joe Carbonara, painted his Lamborghini all purple to show how devastated he was after Bryant’s death. He put Steve Zielinski of “Xtreme Graphics” on the task of customizing Joe’s Lamborghini Huracan-2015 using Vinyl Wraps and Vinyl Printing.

The car is painted in purple, with pictures of Kobe Bryant and daughter Gianna.

It’s a very different and soulful tribute as Xtreme Graphics poured their heart out on the Lamborghini.

Steve Zielinski, the owner of Xtreme Graphics, told TMZ Sports:

I had to make sure it was good and not overdone. And, we didn’t charge for it.

On February 7, 2020, the Lamborghini owner Joe Carbonara announced that he’ll be taking his Kobe Bryant Tribute to the NBA ALL Star Weekend.

Even though TMZ Sports reports that the Lambo was originally a generic silver car, we found it to be Caelum Blue instead. (If it’s the same Lambo Joe bought in 2015).

The Lambo is named as Kobe24Lambo, and it can be yours for $170,000.

Xtreme Graphics has been thorough with the details. They included a mural of Kobe and Gianna, Kobe’s Jersey # 24, Mamba’s logo, names of all nine victims of the helicopter crash, and more.

Joe Carbonara told TMZ Sports that he was planning to sell the Lamborghini prior to custom-wrapping it, and he’s willing to sell it for $170,000 now. He also informed TMZ Sports that he has been getting a lot of requests for inclusion of the Kobe24Lambo in many videos and special events, so people will be seeing more of it.